Indian Brides Adopting these Modern Styles for Dazzling Look - The Recent Trends 

Indian Brides Adopting these Modern Styles for Dazzling Look - The Recent Trends

The Modern Indian brides today are adopting the minimalistic trend today. No one can remain fall in love with minimalistic style. The fashion splash reveals the overstated boldness and this trend have made the bride the biggest oxymoron in the fashion world. The modern brides of today are talented enough to adopt the traditional way of outfits and jewellery, rather with due grace and respect. The contemporary epoch is seen with traditional fervor even. The traditions are embraced with grace and panache. 

This is for the pre wedding functions like as engagement and mehendi, or other parties, brides prefer going for adopting the minimalistic styles.

The minimalistic fashion earlier used to be for western fashion loving girls only, now it has been adopted tremendously by the Indian brides too. We are here on the board to exactly demonstrate how an Indian bride can nail minimalistic trend at her wedding.

1. Color impacts- to highlight the style- 

Gone are the days of that traditional red and maroon only for wedding ensembles, the color contrast are fastly embracing the minimalistic traditions. The mauve, blush, ice blue or light mint is becoming the most favorite colors for the minimalistic brides. The mehendi celebrations, the sangeet ceremonies and other pre wedding functions are classically styled by the colors as aforementioned.

The ombre color ensures vibrant look without being too glamorous.

2. Mixing for Dazzling look- The graceful one

The recent trends suggest collaboration of dashing and exuberant lehengas with the subtle choli. This kind of blend, suggesting the dazzle with minimalistic subtlety is most trendy. Even the Shararas are fastly becoming popular despite of the less dazzling look. Besides, the brides are donning line dresses with cap sleeves and off shoulder gowns to make an entry into Indian bridal fashion. In addition, the plain high waist lehengas teamed with kurtis and skirts are the best traditional choices to stand out. 

3. Multifaceted Gems for minimalistic jewelry

Enlisted here few of the minimalistic jewelry items for the pre wedding brides to go traditional, yet modern...
The personalized vertical bar necklace,
Monogram disc pendant charm, 
Personalized gold charm, 
Snowy mountain necklace, 
Mountain pendent, 
Wooden jewelry,
Modern jewelry, 
Turquoise ring,
Solitaire rings, 
Vintage inspired floral engraved wedding bands, 
Stacking v ring, 
Twig ring with scattered diamonds, 
Tungsten wedding band ring, 
Engraved platinum wedding band set etc. etc. 

Gone are the days of those chunky jewellery in pre wedding functions, the trend has taken its toll to go minimalistic. The jewelry sets are now not the items to be kept to wear on the selected family functions, rather, they are weared regularly to remember the sweet memories of love and blessings showered on them at wedding. 

In crux the modern Indian brides are adopting minimalistic and vintage design themes with Indian traditions and meaning. 

The platinum ensures subtle appearance which scores high on the popularity with the modern brides, whereas, white is eternal in nature.

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