Indian Independence Day Wedding Color Ideas & Inspiration You Cannot Miss 

Indian Independence Day Wedding Color Ideas & Inspiration You Cannot Miss

The Independence Day reveals us of the struggles done by the great freedom fighters. These martyrs lend us free at the cost of their precious lives. The tri colored flag brings the spirit of using three colors during the independence week. There are bunch of trendy tricolor wedding ideas for the patriotically inspired couples. Starting from The wedding invitations, wedding decorations, and wedding cakes. Wedding bridal wears wedding cakes and wedding cakes; the tri colour is incorporated beautifully in these wedding celebrations.

1. Tricolor Wedding invitations- 

he wedding celebration planning starts with the wedding card. Everyone want to kick start their wedding from their best. The tricolor is imbibed in the wedding cards in varieties of the ways. In addition, some unusual details like as scrolls, ribbons or layering for a different look is also added.

2. Tri colour wedding decorations- 

The wedding decors are best when we go with flowers. The simple and the pretty flowers appear gorgeous when the white, orange and the green colour or other naturally pleasant shades are complemented. 

Moreover, to add to this decoration, paper lantern, streamers, origami decorations also work well. All these flowers are added to get the picture perfect wedding venue. 

3. Tri colour- Groom and bride wear-

The research and creativity about the bridal outfits and the attires for groom too are tremendously changing from traditional to contemporary or the blends of traditional cum contemporary. The colors, which are popularly followed, are almost dark or red maroon pink types. But during this occasion, the tricolor prints or just the embroidery work well. Sonam kapoor’s neon look can also be tried. When all this is teamed up with the right jewellery and some interesting nail arts, the perfect tricolor is highlighted to have patriotically inspired wedding. 

4. Tri colour cakes- 

The Independence Day colour palette cakes are mostly chosen by those opting for minimalistic designs. The lack of heavy designs or those aesthetically arranged décor on the cake makes it simple but pretty, on the contrary, the tons of things can be tried to get the tricolor wedding cake.  The flower theme wedding invites the use of pretty white, green or orange edible flowers arranged aesthetically on the cake. 

5. Tricolor- wedding catering- 

Again, Indian food has countless options. You could try natural flavouring that could give it a nice tricolor look. Or if what you have in mind doesn’t go with that, food coloring always does the trick! We’ll also give you a few options to help you decide


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