Indian Wedding Feast 

Indian Wedding Feast

Food being an integral part of all celebrations, how the marriage is unaffected? When you talk of wedding, the grand menu and delicious food remain important part of your thought. Be it any part of India, the feast will be according to the local custom and culture. Here is an attempt to acquaint you different forms of wedding feast in India. 

Wedding Feast in North India 

As soon the guests start arriving they served with snacks, hot tea, coffee, juice or soft drinks of their choice. The snacks may contain samosa, pakora and sweets. In some weddings, you may find the liquor too. After sometime, there is a grand feast which may be veg or non-veg according to choice of the wedding parties and local culture. The menu of feast may be of Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, Puri, Kachori, Pulao, Mixed Veg, Other dry as well as soupy vegetables, Chicken, fish etc. The Wedding feast completes with deserts like gulab jamun, rasgula, ice-creams and even hot-coffee. 

Wedding Feast in Western India 

In western part of India such as Maharashtra or Gujarat, there is a tradition of serving food to the guest on banana leaves because it is assumed to be pure and sacred. The guest may be seated on chair-tables or on locally made carpets. Since the people are very religious in nature here, you may not find even onion and garlic in the food items and non-vegetarian food is totally absent in wedding feast. The feast menu may consist of roti, kadhi, dal, rice, nicely prepared vegetables and other dishes. Buttermilk is an essential drink and the meal ends with pan. 

Wedding Feast in Eastern India 

In eastern part of India, people include chicken and fish as necessary part of wedding feast. Thus for a marriage in Bihar, there is supremacy of sweets in snacks as well main feast. But in a Bengali wedding, after the snacks and drinks, you will find Muri Ghonto (non-veg), Potol Posto (veg), Begun and Bhaja (veg), Macher Kaalia (fish), Roshogulla (Sweets) as well as Mishti Doi (sweet curd). 

Wedding Feast in South India 

Since, the wedding ceremony in south India is generally held in early morning, you will find that the guests being served the snacks along with drinks like nariyal pani, nimboo pani, fresh juices as well as hot coffee etc. The special thing about south Indian feast is that the guest are made to sit on the floor and served the food on banana leaves. The dishes are mainly south Indian followed by deserts. 

Wedding Feast in North East India 

The no-vegetarian food finds its prominence in north east India. You may find non-veg dishes in snacks as well as main feast too. The other items include bamboo shoots, rice dishes etc. as per the local trend and custom.  

It is matter to be noted that all the efforts are made to keep the guests happy by the medium of wedding feast. For that purpose, specially trained cooks are employed and catering services are also hired. 


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