Instagram Account Every Bride Should Follow 

Instagram Account Every Bride Should Follow

Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share photos, videos online. It is a mobile app that helps you share your precious life moments with your love ones and friends. Trending now it is very popular among the smart phone users where they can snap moments of life and choose a filter to transform the photo into a forever memory. Today Instagram has more than 400 million active users and it is ahead of some known and common social networking, micro blogging websites. Also it is one of those places which now allow you to share snaps in their original portrait or landscape orientation unlike square format that bothered users.


Wedding today is the most important time of one’s life when less than perfect is not allowed. This is a very special day that comes once in a life for which everyone is waiting sketching dreams. No one on this day want  any mistake or flaw to ruin their mood and mind, so wedding planning is as important as the marriage itself to avoid those last moment nerve wrecking situations. And if that can be done without any issue on your smart phone with today’s trending app Instagram, that is just more than fun.   

Wedding dresses

Like everything else in wedding ceremony the dress of bride to be is also most important. Because when it comes to wedding dresses one cannot only depend on images flashing and rolling in daily hits on television. Also some accounts give you veins of most stunning gowns with celebrity touch. Some just want perfect gowns for their perfect wedding. And to match perfect dress, we all need perfect pair of shoes that sparkle and on the other hand signature our style statement with sophistication and shoes that present daring and most unabashedly feminine ready to tie knots.

Wedding Ideas

One always needs someone to care for invitations, paper goods and save the dates to avoid last time chaos. Also wedding planners are so much in trend. On the other hand how can a bride so not care about her perfect jewelry? Some instagram accounts are just the bridal destination with feed brimming with so many amorous images of just married love birds and inspiring style ideas. Also special brides need special and gorgeous braids. And others offer best source of inspiring wedding ideas with heart melting snaps and videos of special wedding ceremonies and receptions around the globe.

Big day

Marriage really needs some pretty, awesome and colorful posts that will amaze the guests and the big day couples. And to continue the celebration cake is very important. Like what is a wedding without a big delicious cake? And some accounts just offer talented wedding’s gorgeous reception decoration and décor no one can refuse to appreciate. And many other accounts have beautiful wedding flowers for your big day. Instagram has the best planners for your wedding ceremony to make it the most awaited moment of your life which you can count as one of the best.


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