Instagram Worthy Perfect Bridal Look - Use Flowers in Your Hairs, Dear Bride 

Instagram Worthy Perfect Bridal Look - Use Flowers in Your Hairs, Dear Bride

The perfect bridal outlook thrives primarily on the wedding outfit and the makeup. These key virtues bring charm to the look of a bride. The modern brides’ now-days are conscious enough to choose that different stuff to have instagram worthy pics. Floral jaal is the perfect epitome of the same, in which the flowers are woven in the form of a dupatta or a sort of jaal...

In addition, the hair accessories too are taken as an important factor to determine that perfect look of the bride.  There are those, who prefer wearing an updo, some prefer doing a half up-half-down, many prefer wavy locks..The hairstyle goes fresh if it is accented with floral accent..

To choose flowers is an excellent way to have an blossoming addition into your wedding day look.  This is rather an excellent way to personalize and is an effortless way to opt for something entirely different..

Its indeed tricky to utilize fresh flowers on your should follow these notice worthy tips-

1. Confirm from your florist about the floral varieties which has allergens in them. These allergens may prove hazardous, may cause sneezing and rashes anywhere on the body.

2. The flowers you are using to remain fresh till evening, prefer consider dryer flower varieties. 

3. Be careful about the additions.. Strictly advise the hairstylist not to add flowers until she’s let go off spray cans. 

4. Try keeping your look natural. Generally the fresh flowers look gorgeous with hairups or downs or both.Don’t jar your mane..

5. Flowers must be kept in water or the refrigerator until the last possible moment before you attach them on the hairs. Also, when you freshly apply them, ask your photographer to take some shots with the fresh flowers too…

Let’s see how differently the flowers can be utilized for deserving that praiseworthy appearance…

1. Wearing traditional Gazra- 

This is the most traditional way to wear gazra on your wedding day. The floral braid is the mix of aromatic flowers with beautiful petals that enhance the appearance of the bridal look. Most of the brides prefer wearing the bean and never fails to impress everyone..

2.  The bold and stunning-

The gorgeous way to wear a bun or up do is to have lots of big flowers which contrast best against black hairs, but also appear from a distance..The photographs are naturally stunning in this way…

3. Crown of flowers- 

The crowns, for the wedding or even the bachelorette can be made of dried flowers or the fresh ones.. They used to be of dried flowers and twigs before few years, but now the fresh flowers are in vogue and are worn graciously..

4. bun braid for midway look- 

If you don’t wanna have too much or too less flowers on your hairs, then you can use this bun braid for inspiration. You can place them at all the levels on your hairs…

5. The floral jaal-

Just imagine the dupatta, made of jasmine buds and flowers, which when weared appears as a beautiful jaal that ensures amazing look…floral jaal is a recent trend that has now become in vogue..

6.  Modern ways – 

The modern brides now a days are twisting up the floral look with artificial flowers.The fun elements are incorporated into it..Like as huge white rose or a Gajra Mohawk.

7. That called baby breath-

When the flowers are plugged in little wipes for baby breath in your braid or a floral crown for your bun...

8. Red roses on the side-contemporary look-  

There can be no best way to ear the red roses..

9. flowers on the bun-

Sometimes, the flowers are put so high on the bun, they look gorgeous..they can be seen through the sheer dupatta..

10. Mixed flowers-    

The flowers, matching with the wedding outfit are mixed and are given a fun twist..i think its better way to enhance the elegance of the hairs…

11. Go different, very different! 

Use unique flowers and make sure they match your lehenga – the more unique, the better! So try lilies or orchids for that beautiful look!


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