Interesting Duties of the Bridesmaid to have Splendid Walk Down After the Wedding is Over 

Interesting Duties of the Bridesmaid to have Splendid Walk Down After the Wedding is Over

Bridesmaid duties for the bride are indispensable and are most important. At least there is a person, with whom; bride can discuss all the requirements from the food to getting ready, even attending the calls. After all, she is the best emotional support and is the best confidant too. The bride definitely wants you to be her side when she ties the knot.  The bridesmaid too knows her wholeheartedly and the bride even does not have to mouth her thoughts to her, as the bridesmaid knows her through and through. Infect, she is the prized possession.

Even the needs, to be catered by bridesmaid are understood well by her than the bride itself. She knows best about the bride and remains as the one who takes special and complete care of her. After all, you are the best friend of her as well, who not only did help to buy the hairpins, but also to choose the university to go for the studies. No one can know the bride better than you. As the marriage is most important occasion of the life and your presence is most indispensable.

Before you have your hands on the task, we have a list of bridesmaid duties that you must perform.

1. Organizing a bachelorette or hen’s party- 

The bride must shoulder the responsibility to bridesmaid as she knows all of your friends...To proceed with, make a watsapp group of all the friends and ensure to have everyone’s best contribution to wish her good luck for the life ahead. When the night party is coupled with lots of booze and yummy food then the bollywood item songs coordinate well.

All that bachelorette party when accompanied by the mother of the bride seems nice.. Also arrange the personalized cake.

2.  Be the best assistant in wedding shopping-

The wedding shopping for that graceful lehenga, the accessories required as well as the swim suit for the honeymoon require your assistance. The brides have the habit of getting pampered and the way you help her for choosing the best stuff for the lehenga makes her feel confident and contented. All the fashion skills and the technical knowledge you have about the stuff and the embroidery, embellishment, Zardosi lehengas and the stuff like as the velvet, georgette or other would require your support in the best possible way.. 
No parents like to send their cute doll alone with their in-laws for the shopping. It’s really an indecent idea to deny their choices; here also the bridesmaid should accompany her. 

3.  Do the justice with your role by becoming the Head Honcho- 

Manage all the activities with in-laws side even. You must keep in touch with one cute guy to inform as well as have information about all the important things proceeding there.  You must make sure that the bride’s trousseau is prim and proper. Handling all the petty things at your end is entirely on you. Manage all things pertaining the bride.Each and every aspect of the wedding must be managed by you especially if the bride is concerned there.

4.  Take bride’s custody with you-

Who care if the bride talks with the hubby day and night. But if the relatives, friends and other start bothering by making her calls now and then, you should handle the responsibility specially to screen the calls. Transfer only that calls to her who is utmost important for a bride. The bride’s popularity and demand can’t be denied and the mehendi time is most crucial for her as the hands, arms and legs get engaged and you must make sure she does not fiddle with the handset.

5. Bride is cheerful, only when tummy is full-

The way marriage celebration occurs, its naturally, she does not get the time to feed herself. Even she is bound to be nervous. So it’s entirely upon your duties to keep a keen eye upon her about the food, so that she does not feel hectic and tired rather she is all full with the required amount of the food and the calories. Remember she has to sit all night in front of 500 relatives and while you can still grab a paneer tikka on the go, she can’t. Make sure that before she walks into the hall, she is well fed.

6. Joota chupaai-

It’s the time to act life a thief. Plan the robbery of the shoes of the groom. Keep an eagle eye on the groom and His shoes need to be taken and hidden because how else will you bully him on willingly burn a hole in his pocket? Plan it beforehand and get the other girls to work. You don’t steer away from the bride because you are anyway the easiest target. Your little birds should take care of this task. A honcho is best at delegating work.

7. Dance –

Dance and dance like a chhamiyaa- amid all the drama and functions, don’t forget to lachkao that kamariya, without anyone saying. You must be ready all the time to exhibit your love and affection for your best friend.

8. Last but not least-

Grab each and every moment of the bride from the commencement till the end with the photographic camera or video cam or even on the mobile. 

These are the most special days and you would remember these dayzz later on will give you a splendid walk down the memory lane. Get the photographer to click the two of you in a fashion that would give everyone #bridesmaidgoals...


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