Interesting Shaadi Ke Side Effects, Every Couple Experiences After Getting Married 

Interesting Shaadi Ke Side Effects, Every Couple Experiences After Getting Married

When planning for life, marriage is one of the most important parts of our life plans. We all have huge dreams about marriage and find our lives to be incomplete without marriage. However, once we finally do get married, we start to miss our bachelor life and wish to get it back. In short, when not married you crave to get married and when married, you crave to go back to your bachelor days. No matter what stage of life you are in, marriage will always present a challenge for you. 

Some of the most common side effects of getting married, which almost every husband and wife experience, have been discussed below:

Comparisons To Mother-In-Laws

No matter how hard the wife may try, she would have to hear from her husband, at some point or the other that she is not able to manage the house like her mother-in-law, especially when it comes to cooking. What these husbands do not realize is that, not every woman is the same and while their mother might be better at managing homes, their wife may be better at her job or career. Making these comparisons does not help the confidence of the girl who has left her house and come to live with him. Men need to stop comparing their wives and mothers. But, unfortunately, it seems these comparisons would never end and the wives will have to take them with a pinch of salt and as a compulsory side effect of getting married.
From Modern To Indian

Another major change that happens after marriage is that suddenly, everyone in the society and even the husband, starts to want to see the girl in a more Indian and traditional get up. Thus, all those short dresses have to be thrown out of the closet and they are replaced by sarees and salwar kameez. Your husband may have liked al your western dresses before marriage, but suddenly after the wedding, his expectations take a 360 degree reversal and now he likes you only in Indian dresses. You can at least be happy, that thanks to this side effect of marriage, you get to do a lot of shopping.  

The side effects of getting married are felt not just by the girls, but by the boys as well.

From Outdoor To Indoor

For the boys, they can say goodbye to all their outdoor, all night parties and get ready to attend those sophisticated indoor parties where couples, sit around tables, wearing expensive gowns and suits, and discuss serious business and fashion issues. Initially, they might get to go for the wild parties every once in a while, but as the years of marriage progress, these parties would become a distant dream. 

Be Ready For Constant Discussions

Men hate discussions, while women, they like to discuss everything. However, after marriage, if you want happiness in your married life, men will have to be prepared to engage in these discussions on a daily basis. Any time they say no for these discussions, they should be prepared for a huge marital fight. 


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