Interesting Ways to Illuminate Your Wedding Functions with the Fairy Lights 

Interesting Ways to Illuminate Your Wedding Functions with the Fairy Lights

The festive wear and oodles of fun are brought together by the wedding as well as the festivals.  The two gorgeous events come in our lives with their fair share of fairy lights.  The twinkling and sparkling of these lights are the best decorative aspect of the weddings too.  These fairy lights can be utilized in the sexy ways as given below-

- Hanging fairy lights- this simplest measure of hanging the lights is as effective as the illumination of diwali lights. Just imagine the lights of these décor. Beautiful fairy lights look fabulous.

- Fairy lights as virtual net over the skies- you can literally utilize them as the roof of lights above your head as a décor. It’s not less than the diwali illumination, literally.

- Fairy lights as part of the draped ceilings- Your drapes will look dramatic and if you add lights, they might look even more dramatic. Bollywood-y feels guys!

- Fairy lights behind sheer curtains at entrances- the curtains are added with the fairy lights, the sheer drapes make the décor appear fairytale-ish.

- Fairy lights to be utilized to light up your message board at outdoor weddings-  the outdoor wedding is accompanied by the fairy lights adds to the beautiful décor , the message board would get more noticed.

- Fairy lights as floor lights- Light up the floor with a bunch of fairy lights – so cute and so simple!

- Fairy lights to decorate trees- trees and other shrubbery looks beautiful when covered in fairy lights – cheap and good! - The fairy lights look great in pictures if arranged in the form of canopy. Besides, they add the ideal light to be danced under them. These are not less than manmade stars.


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