Interfaith Marriage 

Interfaith Marriage

Today in mixed civilization, it is very common to witness interfaith marriages. Hindu and Christian interfaith marriages are now more common and are popular now. Also now more than one third of the population today considers interfaith marriage as an option for happy life. Also now love couples does marriages in both styles i.e. in Hinduism and Christian format. It is very rare and beautiful to witness these typical complex mismatched marriages. Also there are cases where Christian spouse ask the priest conducting Hindu marriage to put a Jesus Christ’s picture during the marriage ceremony.

About interfaith marriages

Also there are various cases of marriages where half Hinduism and half Christian rituals are performed wedding ceremony to wedlock the love birds together in cooperation and respect relationship. Moreover mostly both families and couples are ready to follow both styles of rituals and customs to get blessed for their happy, prosperous interfaith marriages. Mostly in these wedding ceremony both the bride and the groom respect each other’s culture and religion and cooperate in their happy marriage. Also they become more tolerant towards each other’s and every religion and religious practices. Sometimes there are example seen where the bride or the groom converts her or his religion into one another to make their happy marriage successful and prosperous.

Cons of these marriages

Also in interfaith marriages like these sometimes it is difficult to follow every small and compact religious ritual and can be a reason for their awkward separation. Also these fundamental religious differences make their life more complex and difficult. As every religion follow its own religious believes sometimes it becomes difficult to get through and it arises much indifference in these interfaith marriages. Also sometimes it becomes difficult to manage and control the marital relationship as there is still intolerance among people for interfaith marriages who can be a reason for highs in the married lives. Also the children from these marriages suffer confusion and hatred from the low minded society who does not approve such marriages. Also it becomes more difficult when you have to choose one religion over other for legal and academic matters.

Pros of these marriages

Another important thing in these interfaith marriages between Hinduism and Christians is that people do enjoy pros of both sides. These happy marriages create more awareness among people to know each other well and consider everyone as humans. Also these marriages promote issues like all are humans and create a livelier lifestyle. It helps in realizing that each religion is difficult and every religion deserves respect and faith. This interfaith marriage stand as an example for the perfect society we dream of. These marriages are also a logo of love and cooperation with each other. Today society also agrees with this interfaith wedding ceremony and even promotes them. Although it is very important for keep the love, cooperation and respect for each other alive to avoid any brake-ups and divorces as mostly these marriages don’t end well. Also people today have developed more tolerance towards every religion and cooperate with every religion so far. Lastly all it matters in happy marriages is to love and respect your partner always.  


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