Intimate and Small Wedding Venues 

Intimate and Small Wedding Venues

Ready to start planning your weddings now..? There is thousands of wedding venue ideas that will pull together an inspirational wedding hard to forget. Once you have start deciding your wedding is sure you search the venue and décor that will help you have a wedding theme. Moreover there are different wedding venues available according to your need and greed.

Member hall or place of worship:

Many couples opt for their adjoining church or temples as it is sentimental and convenience. It is free or only a small fee is there, depending on you are members of its community. It is very ideal for decorating and small intimate wedding. Bu there are limitations like whole setup and décor is required. The place can be very small sometimes, music restrictions, guest limit and parking problems.

Private property or house: 

Some couples are lucky to have a spectacular piece of property or a big house that will be a very special place for weddings. It is very convenient and totally DIY. It can be decorated in any theme proposed and planned. But here there will be parking limitations and noise considerations, local laws and ordinances. The setup and clean up can be a chore and maybe professional assistance is needed so far.

Park, Garden and vineyard:

There are so many beautiful and nice parks available now that it seems every park has jumped into the wedding band wagon. Vineyards have also topped the choice list of wedding ceremonies and are very popular now a day. Mainly here gorgeous and maintained ground requires very little décor and different styling options are also available depending on your theme. There are many beautiful rose gardens, oak trees and picnic areas in the list. But here the weddings are seasons dependent and there may as well be hidden costs. Many gardens still today don’t have any indoor accommodations in the event of inclement weather and surprise rains. And springs are so not vineyard types as all you can see is brown. 

Restaurant or Hotels:

Be a small intimate restaurant or a large one with private room for everyone, this venue option is always a perfect choice for weddings. Large hotels today have the ability and skills of providing more options from intimate restaurant to gorgeous theme planned wedding ballrooms. Here you have variety in menu according to your convenience and have your favorite food served in style. It could be your first date theme or 20s arena they serve best for intimate and small wedding with knowledgeable and experienced staff. Only con here could be the cost affairs.

Banquet Halls:

It’s a more of a traditional choice and there are really great venues in this category. Here there are experienced staffs with lot of theme choices and package options - Different styling options and décor codes. Only time could be a drawback as these are sometimes double booked and more than one event scheduling is done.  


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