Inventive Wedding Decor Ideas 

Inventive Wedding Decor Ideas

The first impression that one gets about a wedding is formed through the wedding décor. No one first goes to the food counter and starts tasting food as soon as they enter the wedding venue, but the first thing that they notice is the kind of wedding decorations that have been done at the venue. Therefore, the bride and the groom generally go to a lot of pain in trying to ensure that all the decorations, right from the entrance gate to the seating arrangements of the guests and the decoration of the altar, everything are done in the best and the most attractive manner possible. 

However, in order to make a really good impression on the minds of the wedding guests, it is not just important that you select good wedding decorations, but it is also important that the wedding décor should be a little different and new from what they have already seen in many other weddings. Some of the inventive wedding décor ideas which you can use for your wedding decorations are as follows:

Floral Wall

Flowers make for great pictures and in today’s time, every guest wants to get himself and herself clicked at every event. Therefore, you can cater to their need for a good personal photo by creating an artificial floral wall, which can be used as a photo booth or a backdrop against which all the guests can get their pictures clicked with the bride and the groom and even alone. 

Forest And Tents

If you are having the wedding in an open space which is surrounded by huge trees, you can use these trees as the entrance for your party, and they would give the guests the feeling that they walking through a forest and when they finally reach the venue, let them be greeted by huge tents surrounded by a large number of luminaries. This would surely give your wedding a never seen before look and yet this look will appeal and excite each and every guest at your wedding. 

Replace Traditional Escort Cards With Something New

Using plain cards, with the name of the guests written on it, as escort cards is quite old. It is time that you did something new with it. You can take the first alphabet of the name of the guest and find a corresponding flower with a name that starts with the same alphabet and place that flower and the name of the guests together on the escort card and at the entrance make a wall of these escort cards on the basis of the flower names and the guests had to find the flower which corresponded with their name. 

Décor For The Romantics

If you are die hard romantic, and then you can go for either all red or all white themes, where everything at your wedding would be of just one colour, either red or white. Even on the tables, you spread around flowers of the same colour to add the feeling of romance to every table at the wedding. 


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