Invite In A Grand Way For Your Wedding 

Invite In A Grand Way For Your Wedding

Weddings come with various responsibilities and arrangements, main thing before wedding planning’s the first thing should be done is inviting the guests because guests are the main people who should be attended for sure for the wedding other than bride and groom and their parents. Guest may include friends, family members, relatives, neighbours etc. Inviting them is foremost thing to flaunt your wedding in a grand way so, wedding cards are very important for everyone’s marriage to invite your close ones. Wedding cards are used as invitations in any religion. So design and theme of the Indian wedding invitations may vary depending up on the religion.
Concept of wedding cards
Wedding cards can be selected based on design styles, colour and theme, trim options, number of photos to be attached, print types, sizes, paper type and designer cards and also based on prices of your choice.

Based on design styles there are various types of designs available to suit your needs. Some of them are, vintage, modern, classic and formal, whimsical, rustic, or photo printed cards

Based on colours you can choose any colour of your choice

Based on wedding themes there are many themes for wedding cards shimmer cards, chalk board type wedding card, lace and pattern wedding cards, sparkle and shine wedding card, simple and water colour wedding card, beach and nautical, flowers and nature themes, ethnic and religious, seasonal, monogram, destination and typography wedding cards

Based on trim options wedding cards differ in these following types, square corners, rounded corners, brackets, tickets, scallop etc.

Based on formats you can choose between folded, flat card and trifold cards

Based on print types they are varied in to thermography, foil stamped, letter press, digital printing, laser cut etc.

Paper types used for cards are cotton ecru, cotton white, premium ecru, pearl and white, matte and shimmer white, textured ecru and white etc.
Elegant and classic cards are available for your grand invite, which are unique and gorgeous in their appeal which fulfils all your needs. The invitees gain to understand the inviting family’s grandeur and range of the wedding.
Indian wedding cards
The Indian wedding card designs can vastly vary by religion. Handcrafted traditional cards are the style famously used for Hindu weddings. Wedding card represents a combination of tradition, artistic skill and creation. The card should be unique, reflecting the theme of the marriage and the religion of the bride. Be it a Hindu wedding or a Muslim wedding or a Sikh wedding, the card ultimately reflects the beauty of the wedding and hence should be chosen uniquely.
Unique representation of the faith
Muslim wedding cards are generally vivid and bright in line with the nikah ceremony. Hindu wedding cards are majorly cream or yellow or orange or maroon in colour which symbolizes the auspicious ceremony of wedding. Christian wedding cards are elegant and soothing to the eye. Gujarati wedding cards are rich in colours and tradition. Again, the particular design and choice of the card reflects the opulence and choice of the inviting family.


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