Is Divorce a Solution for Not So Happy Married Life 

Is Divorce a Solution for Not So Happy Married Life

The marriage is a union of souls and they become one after that. But there happens the circumstances when two individuals in a marriage relationship find it very difficult to stay together under one roof and continuing the relationship becomes very difficult. 
They decide to part their ways, but divorce is not an easy solution and it brings associated problems, which may be more unbearable. Here is an attempt to suggest alternate solutions in a troubled marriage. 

Problems Associated With Divorce

Various problems such as depression, heartbreak, suicide, poverty, ill-health etc. are associated with divorce. People become mentally ill and they fall prey to accidents too. The children are separated from the parents and they don’t get required support from their parents. The additional problems of prolonged litigations, child custody, life support (maintenance) and disposal of properties are such which a common man or woman finds it very difficult to bear.  

First Solution: Learn to Deal with Incompatibility

The best solution for a happy marriage for the couples is to learn to deal with incompatibility. Marriage is the institution which requires high degree of commitment. Be committed to avoid divorce, make a happier bond in the family. The people are born with differences and differences of opinions, ideas and culture are meant to assimilate; not to divide. 

Second Solution: Avoid Abuse and Torture

When the couples are in troubled marriage, they often inflict misery, abuses and torture to each other. Be the abuse of any kind, mental or physical; it makes the relation worse and the people reach to a point of no return. The intimacy is lost for ever when abuse and torture occur. 

Best Solution: No Regrets, Put Best Efforts

At all the points and circumstances, the couple put all the endeavours to make their marriage work happily. They should stop having regrets and grievances against each other. Keeping the heart open for each other brings the happy and unexpected solutions. 
Having the approach towards solving problems, making changes in behaviours that causes annoyance to the partner, improving communication, arranging surprises and dates for each other, spending quality time together, extending help and advices to each other in need certainly the best medicine for a troubled marriage. 

Counselling a Boon in Trouble Marriage

The differences arise between the couples due to various reasons. At many occasions couple don’t realise their faults and it leads to unhappy results. Whenever, any trouble happens the couples are the best doctors for each other. They must offer the support needed for each other. It is the responsibility of both the partners. But when they find themselves unable to find the solution for the problems, they must seek the advice or counselling from another person with an open heart. The person may be from the family, in-laws or a best friend. One thing is to be kept in mind that none of them should be unnecessarily influenced by the suggestions of the middleman. If nothing seems practical, the professional marriage counselling must be sought. 


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