Is It Must To Invest In Marriage 

Is It Must To Invest In Marriage

Most of us associate the word investment with finance or money. However, when the word is used in relation to a marriage, it means investment of just money, but also time, effort and emotions of both the husband and the wife. If either of the partners is not able to properly invest his or her time in the relationship, it would become very difficult for the partnership between the two of them to survive. 

No Fixed Rules for A Happy Married Life

Marriage is a commitment made by two people to love and respect each other under all circumstances. There is no fixed right or wrong way of leading a married life, what works for one couple may not work for another couple. There are certain basic guidelines which have been propounded over time, which can help in improving a relationship and the biggest and the best advice that these guidelines give is that both the partners need to be fully committed to making the relationship work. No matter what happens in life they need to be ready to give in their 100%, physically, mentally and emotionally, just to ensure that all life’s problems get resolved and they are able to stay together happily. If this commitment is missing, then even small demands of life can appear to be huge sacrifices, which would be difficult for the partners to make and eventually the relationship will fall apart. 

No Math to Investment

One big grudge which partners have, when their relationship is falling apart, is that they both feel that the amount and extent of investment they have made in the relationship is far greater than the investment made by the other partner. And this investment can be in terms of money, emotions, time, devotion, etc. It is important to remember here that there is no mathematical formula for knowing the right amount of investment which each partner has to make in order to make the relationship work. What matters is that whenever there any sort of need for one partner to invest himself or herself in the relationship, they were ready to do so, if not then it is a problem. Comparisons do not work. 

Treat Both Partners As Equal

There is a huge myth in the minds of most couples that if they keep the needs of the other partner before their own needs every time, their relationship will definitely work out. This is completely wrong. If every time you curb your own desires, there will come a time when you would start to feel choked and frustrated with the relationship and you would only become the reason for the end of the relationship. Therefore, what is important to understand here is that both the partners are equal and therefore, the needs and desires of the both the partners are equally important as well. Both the husband and the wife need to make sacrifices for each other and make sure that the desire of both of them get fulfilled in the relationship. 

Investment in all forms in a marriage is extremely crucial for the marriage to survive and work. 


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