Is Your Marriage Life Running In the Right Track  

Is Your Marriage Life Running In the Right Track

Marriage day is an important day in any human being life. It is a day when two souls join together to live long and happy. People get married with long dreams and imagination of living a joyful and happy life without any problem and stress. But life has its own game to play in everyone’s destiny. But the entire destiny which happens in marriage life is created by us and there is anything that is created by its own. Whatever happens in life is an outcome of our own activity and there is no one whom you can blame for this. 

Marriage life of today’s generation are weakening 

The amount of respect for person and relationship is weakening day by day in families. Gone are those days where any decision are made based on keeping family welfare in mind, Today the people decide on individual wishes and spoil their family life. This is evident with the number of divorce cases which are piled up in family courts. A recent survey has thrown an astonishing fact that relationship failure, ego and single minded attitude are the reason for most of the failures in marriage life.

People are single minded and prefer more interest towards self

People in the fast use to care a lot for the family, they used to think family first and then only think about themselves. This is really evident from the older mothers; they always care for the family without thinking about their own health. However, what has happened today is really evident from everyone’s life. We have humans care more for our self and make sure that our priority is completed first then the families. 

Reasons for failure in marriage life 

The loss or lack of emotional bonding in people’s life is the main reason for failure in marriages. This particular reason holds good for the sex, whether it is a male and the female. Understanding each other wishes and understanding each other needs are the best ways to live a happy life. But there are circumstances which make people separate. And In this article in the following points we tried to cull out some major reasons to understand the reasons for failure in marriage life. 

  • Blaming each other for all the reasons is the first thing which will show you that your marriage is not in the right track. 

  • Single minded thinking of an event and concluding that your partner is responsible for all that happens in your life is not correct and most of the marriage life ends with this. 

  • Married people having affair with other people are the other important reason. If you take any divorce case in the recent times, affair stands as the most important item to file can divorce case. 

  • Neglecting your partners – showing no interest or lack of interest to your partner activity is the other right way to understand whether your married life is going to end. 
Try to solve the above complications promptly and you can lead a very happy life with your partner. 


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