Its public Deepika and Ranveer tying the knot on November 20th 

Its public Deepika and Ranveer tying the knot on November 20th

One of the much-celebrated couples of Bollywood Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have finally decided to tie the knot in November this year if the recent Filmfare report is to be believed. Earlier, veteran actor of Indian film industry, Kabir Bedi prompted the waves in the web and media through his tweet in which he congratulated the duo for their wedding. The fans have gone almost in frenzy with this news feed that is now fiercely trending across the sites. There is a reason to be crazy because the affair between the two has been a much-talked one in the Bollywood and there have been ups and lows too that became the cores of gossiping.


Now all have been set to rest as their wedding date is finally out in the public domains as 20th November 2018. They have decided to perform the ceremony as a destination wedding in Italy’s Lake Como. Italy is also the favorite locale for both of them! Earlier, the media got flooded with the rumors of the wedding date fixed at 10th November. Even prior to that, Ranveer replied at India Today Television show that marriage is not on the cards although he has been thinking about it!


A much private wedding ceremony planned in Italy!


Through reputed sources, it has been noted that their wedding function will be a much private one with no more than 30 guests and its being really tough for deep-veer fans to get updates of their wedding as phones are not allowed at their events.. These will mostly comprise the family members and a few close friends. However, it is also being said that grand receptions will be thrown when the couple returns from Italy as husband and wife. These receptions are likely to be the star-studded shows with lots of glare and enthusiasm. The duo and their families are yet to make an official announcement; although the wedding date is now being talked as much authentic!



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