Jain Wedding Rituals 

Jain Wedding Rituals

Before going through the jain wedding culture, its mandatory to understand the five core principles of the same. There are five popular ways of jain principles, like- 

1. Non-violence , which they have to follow during the vegan life style.
2. Truth (satya), means you must follow truth all the times. 
3. Non-stealing ( Asteya) –means you must avoid using other people things, that donot belong to you.
4.  Celibacy or brahamcharya- refraining yourself from sexual activity like masturbation, non possessiveness etc. 

Similarly , there are various pre and post wedding rituals, in jain wedding rituals which are important  before, during and after the jain marriage. Jain people also celebrate their wedding with great enthusiasm. They have number of rituals before and after wedding, which are undoubtly performed with utmost simplicity and sanctity.

Pre wedding rituals :-

The main pre wedding ritual includes, lagna patrika vachan, which includes, the reading of the letter by the priest. The sagai occurs after that. The brides brother follow one ritual of applying the tika on the grooms forehead and resents him with gifts like gold ornaments, traditional and home made sweets,along with the cash too.  

Following the patrika vachan , sagai ceremont occurs, which is then followed by mada mandap ritual, taking place at the bride’s as well as groom’s home. The priest does all the rituals and arti ritual is held. Barat comes and tika is applied on the brother – in- law’s forehead and gives him a coconut . mangal songs are sung and aarti is also performed.

Main wedding rituals :

Phere are the most important ritual in the Jain wedding. The bride and the groom are seated in the mandap. The father of the bride performs Kanyadaan or Kanyavaran ritual. He places one rupee and twenty five paise and rice in her right hand and hands her to the bridegroom. While chanting mantras, the priest pours holy water on the hands of the couple thrice. This is followed by Granthi Bandhan, in which a married woman ties the knot between the bride's sari and groom's shawl.

Post Wedding Rituals

The newly wed couple , after the completion of the wedding rituals , are blessed by the newly wed couple for the forth coming marital life. This may be called as aashirwaad ceremony. The bride iss then given a warm welcome by the groom’s family. This ritual of sva graham Aagmana is followed by then the jina grahe dhan arpana tradition. Then a reception party is hosted by grooms family, in  order to introduce formally the bride to family and friends.


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