Joy of Cooking Together As Newly Weds  

Joy of Cooking Together As Newly Weds

As the hectic days of wedding preparation and ceremony are over, and the newlywed couple returns from their honeymoon, they start their life together at their new home. There are several things they can do together for bonding and cooking is one of them as it gives the couple time to work together and share. It gives a feeling of involvement, responsibility an accomplishment. When the new spouses join in the kitchen, it's an occasion which creates memories to be cherished in a happy marriage.

  • Cooking and Newly Wed Relationships:
It may seem as the two separate ideas, but the reality is that they are together. The activity of cooking is creative, as also it permits spouses to develop intimacy and their relationship becomes stronger. The homemade meal prepared with new spouse will excite you as the bond between the two becomes strong and the results will also be delicious. Further, the quality of knowing about kitchen chores will certainly be appreciated by the spouse, as it shows willingness to make the cooking effort. A simple dish of pasta and sauce or scrambled eggs could bond the spouses together as it was prepared by the two of them.

  • Learning Together as Newly Weds:
If a spouse doesn’t know meaning of purée or which vegetables should be cut with which knife, the partner may have a better idea. The cooking along with the new better half could be fun as learning together makes it fun as both are not professional cooks. Here, both are not competing and making a delicious dish is the goal while having a good time. Both the spouses will learn about cooking techniques and terms while understanding the partner at deeper and personal level and enhances couple’s growth as married persons.

  • Newly Weds Communicating with One Another while Cooking:
The cooking with spouse needs lot of communication to get the things done. Developing a rapport when getting along in kitchen will be helpful for the two spouses to be on same page. The hard work put in by the partners together pays off and all is not lost even if the dish doesn’t turn out every bit as expected because what counts is care, thought and love which went into the preparation of that dish. The discovery of ability to work together as a couple will give satisfaction to the couple and these skills could be utilized in other life situations in the marriage. 

  • Speaking Up and Letting it Go while Cooking as Newly Weds:
When a newlywed couple starts cooking together, it is likely that there will be differences in cooking methods, skill types, and cleaning up chores. The couple needs to be ready for compromise in relationship. Kitchen could be the rightful place to start building a workable marriage together as married persons. Whatever helps the spouses to be drawn closer is what makes the relationship much more endurable. A newlywed couple can take references from the suitable cook books they might have received as a wedding gift. The easy to cook dishes will be a good start for learning the ways to a happy marriage.


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