Jutti Choo- Made to fascinate- By Amreen Sahi and Sushant Sood 

Welcome to the brand that epitomizes the aura of Punjabi jutti- jutti Choo. And before you get engrossed in the glory and story of Punjabi jutti displayed here, do revel in the grandeur that Punjabi is supposed to be the lightest kind of footwear, so light that even the sparrows can fly with them… this is what the elderlies of Punjabi boast and take pride in..

Jutti Choo evolved with the vision of restoring the fabulousness of Punjabi jutti which have been winning hearts and accolade without any fail, in India, Asia and all across the world. The fact that we adorned the feet of celebrities and common women alike is what makes us happy. A compliment coming from a college girl is as much cherished as the photos of celebrities wearing our juttis. 

Jutti Choo aims to be the synonymous for awe- inspiring designs that reflect Punjabi richness, uniqueness and aura with as spell-binding combination of modern chick look, but also classic in a fresh and exciting way. Well, no designs are alike at jutti Choo. Simply because the same pinch is not meant to pinch at your feet.

An ode to the unique you- jutti Choo. 

Most common brands with their beautiful Color description has been elaborated here-

1. Your majesty- pertains the pink or magenta sort of sweet color, which provides the bride with a feeling of getting married. This traditional Coloour has been further embroidered with the floral designs.

2. Golden heritage- is the most attractive and the charming one in regard to the color and the embroidery with golden colored wires. This has specially been made to be the best choice for your customers.

3. Your majesty with blue- this light blue or the sky colored jutti, with the golden and some other colors when embroidered with tilla stuff, has extraordinary appearance..

4. Silver Heritage- the silver white and golden coloration.The princess style and the one which is made to be used for cool fashion.

5. Sizzling shimmer- the blood red color of Sizzling shimmer with golden embroidery and the design is appropriately apt for the bridal wear. 


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