Kaleere - The Traditional Ornaments - Every Bride Love to Wear 

Kaleere - The Traditional Ornaments - Every Bride Love to Wear

Kaleera, as we know are the north India brides wearing which are of traditional importance. The legends signify them as good luck charms. There is one fun related ritual specifying that the girl, on whose head the kalira falls, Gets married next. Usually, the bride shakes the kaleera over the head.

Delish kaleera types-

1.Traditional Lotan Kalire

Simply wow... The traditional lotan kalire of these types are usually available in the narrow streets of Punjab, that too shahi Patiala or the Amritsar sahib. The lotan kalire of these types are rarely found at other place of Punjab. So make a plan to visit to have these traditional and evergreen kaleera on your arms. They are called ‘Lotan’ Kalire and have threads hanging from inside the golden caps.

2. Kalira with Shells and Balls

The uniquely chunky, golden balls interspersed with shells are in vogue now-a-days. These are actually the most unique in the way of their appearance which tends to be so elegant that no one can ignore and they prefer to have these golden ball kaleeras.

3. Pom pom details

Here the pom pom is attached with the two silver disks and the pastel colors of pom pom are the favourite ones. The tailors or the boutiques can easily make them.

4. Emotional attachments with kaleera

One of the bride jaismine, she incorporated her grandfather’s photograph in the kaleera, so that she can lovingly walk down the aisle. I think there is no bad in having such a pic of emotional enhancement. It would add more emotions to your wedding life.

5. The jewelled ones

For the girls who like some bling- shimmery, jewel encrusted Kalire are pretty much readily available these days.
Other than these, there are floral and pink rose cleerey also available, which add more beauty to the bride.


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