Karwa Chauth Puja Vrat Vidhi and Other Observations 

Karwa Chauth Puja Vrat Vidhi and Other Observations

Despite the stringent rules of the Karwa Chauth, it’s sincerely observed with full of the dedication by the Hindu Indian Women. She takes utmost care to look perfect from the head to toe. The vast array of delicacies, gifts by husband as well as the mother-in-law makes it the most memorable, hence amakes the day long fast, a smooth ride.

So, if you need some tips to spruce up your traditions for Karva Chauth this year, check these out. 

1. Sargi- 

Before the dawn, the bride or the daughter-in-law is offered by the mother in law to have the meals to be consumed. Generally, the sweets and other delicious edibles are offered by her. At this moment, the daughter in law is blessed by the mother in law with the blessings- SADDA SUKHI RAHO. She gets the blessings to live happily. In addition to this, she is gifted happily by the mother-in-law with traditional jewelry and the sari

2. Ritual of giving baya by the daughter-in-law’s mother- 

During this special day of newlywed bride, the gifts, not only for the mother-in-law, but also for all the married female members of the husband’s family are presented happily by the daughter-in-law’s mother.  The baya exactly consists of the salted mathris, dry fruits, saris and utensils. This gift giving ritual is primarily important during the first karwachauth mainly. During this, some utensils are also included which can also be given for all the married women of the family.

3. Karwa Chauth puja-

For elaborate customary evening karva Chauth puja in the family, special preparations are done. All the females of the family, specially the married ones are invited specially by the mother in law. The mesmerizing beauty of the married women, wearing the bridal lehanga or the luxury wedding dresses brings a reason of festivity. These new and old brides adorn themselves with lots of jewelry and the makeup. During the puja, some traditional songs are sung, the puja thali are circulated by the brides. Afterwards, the newlywed women distribute sweets or mathris along with utensils amongst the ladies that were a part of baya.

The Karwa Chauth puja is focused to have the blessings by Goddess parwati. A special ritual of drawing the goddess gaura and Chauth matha on the wall is observed. Sometimes, brides use Chauth matha image on the printed Karwa Chauth puja. Goddess gaura and chautha matha are taken as representatives of the Goddess parwati. 

Karwa Chauth puja is done in a group, where the Karwa Chauth Mahatamya story is narrated by the women group.

As the Karwa puja commences, and is over, the Karwa or the Karak should be given as charity to the Brahmin. There is a myth of dipping stones or the coins into it. There is a mantra which should be chanted while giving the Karwa to the Brahmin or the Suhagan lady- 

5. Worship God Moon -

The fast is broken by observing the lord Chandra and then husband. He there offers something to eat to the wife. 

6. Loving Gifts from Husband- 

its natural for a husband to fill in love for the wife, who observes the fast rigorously by taking nothing to eat for the entire day,.  The better half is presented with loads of the loving gifts and is pampered with the gifts. Modern day husband put forth the efforts by taking her wife out for a dinner to save her from the drudgery of day’s cooking work. 


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