Keeping Romance Alive After Having A Baby 

Keeping Romance Alive After Having A Baby

The first few years after having a baby are really tough for all married couples. Both the husband and the wife spend most of their time taking care of the baby and adjusting to their own changed lifestyle. As a result of this in many cases it has been seen that the romance between the couples tends to slowly die away and eventually the partners grow so apart from each other that they barely talk to each other about anything except the baby. 

If you wish to save your relationship from such a debacle, then you need to find ways through which you are not only able to keep the romance in your marriage alive, but also make your relationship even stronger than before. Some of the steps that you can take in this direction are as follows:

Have A Date Night

Remember those days when the two of you had just met and would go out on dates and spend hours talking to each other, telling the person everything about your life and day. Well, it is said that after having a baby, the parents are also reborn. Therefore, you can also assume that your relationship with your partner is also starting afresh and just like before, the two of you can go out on dates. Just make sure that every time you plan for this date, you stick to the plan and do go out. Do not let the crying of the baby stop you from spending a romantic evening with your partner. The nanny will be able to take care of your crying baby for one evening. 

Go For Strolls When The Baby Is Napping

Walking down the road or in the garden, holding hands, not saying anything, can be one of the most magical and romantic moments in a couples life. Every time your baby naps, you can relive this magic by simply stepping out of the house and taking a romantic stroll in the garden. You do not have to your baby behind. The baby can accompany you in the stroller and while he or she sleeps peacefully, the two of you can share a romantic moment or two with each other under the stars or in the fresh air of the morning. 

Become More verbal About Your Feelings

Now that the two of you hardly have any time to do any fancy and romantic gestures for each other, it becomes important that you become more verbal about your feelings and express your love for each other in words whenever you get an opportunity to do so. Thus, instead of that simple good morning, you two can start your day with a lovely kiss and say I love you to each other more often than ever before. 

Plan to Spend Minimum Five Minutes in Each Other


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