Key Steps to Choose Right Indian Jewelry 

Key Steps to Choose Right Indian Jewelry

On the wedding day, everyone's eyes will be on the bride and she is the center attraction. You should look your best for this reason and everything you wear including jewelry must be excellent. You need to follow certain guidelines to select the correct wedding jewelry to be worn on your wedding day which are given bellow:

  • Your dress style is the right indicator to ascertain what kind of Indian jewelry you require to enhance the look of your dress. The jewelry must complement various features of your dress. The necklace and earrings will go well with the lower neckline. The short sleeves will grace wearing of a bracelet.

  • In case the dress has the gems of certain color, then think of jewelry which will match this in a balanced manner.

  • If a bride in Indian wedding is going to wear heavily embroidered Saree or Lehenga Choli then the choice of the jewelry should be subdued or it will create a garish outlook.

  • The marriage hairstyle of the bride too has a bearing on the selection of the Wedding Jewelry. For example, the earrings which hang will be right if the bride is wearing her hair up. Each piece of jewelry one chooses should complement the dress and hairstyle as a whole to show off the final look.

The gold jewelry and ornaments is crucial feature of an Indian wedding. You need to know following while buying gold jewelry:

  • Purity of Gold:
Most of the gold jewelry has a marking which indicates its carat. The usually 24K, 22K and 18K are the 'Carat' grades which indicate gold purity. The higher number denotes higher purity.

  • Price of Gold:
The gold jewelry prices are depending on the gold purity, the alloy which is mixed and the making charges for creating the jewelry. 

  • Color of the Gold:
The gold comes in several color variations. Apart from yellow gold, other popular color options include the white gold and the rose gold. Further, combination of the pure gold with suitable metals will create a new color to be used for wedding jewelry. You can select the shade of gold as per color of your Indian dress. 
  • Identification of Gold: In every country, the law requires that gold jewelry has a stamp which indicates carat of the jewelry item. The hallmarking system of identification is followed for this including mark of branded jewelry.

Option for Budget Jewelry:

When you are on a tight budget as a bride, you can consider the heirlooms which your mother might have kept aside for your wedding day. You can get the gold jewelry re-polished and it would cost you much less than buying it. Your mother


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