Key Virtues of a Good Wife - Be Affable  

Key Virtues of a Good Wife - Be Affable

The marriage is indeed union of two souls along with the two bodies and families together. The charm of which seems quite luring in the movies and it seems like such a rosy thing in the movies. In reality, it may not really happen. The experiences of the day to day life fill the heart with a feeling of monotony. The husband and wife tend to be more opened as the time proceeds. The relationship takes the swirls and the actual aspect of which start coming in forefront that wedding actually requires a great deal of efforts not only from the husband but also from the wife. They have to be the best version of themselves to sustain the relationship. If you compare the wedding relation with the friend’s relation, it’s much easier to be a friend, as at the end of the day, you go back to the respective homes and next day meet fresh. Whereas in case of the husband wife relation, you both have to tightly hold your hands together, regardless of the insufficiencies that starts predominating. You have to be good husband and wife, or vice versa.

Check out the tips given below and get set to be the good wife to your loving husband-

1. Listen to care

Listening is an art. If you are a good listener, you can voice your wise opinions later on. It’s not mandatory to reply all the time. Most of the fights among the couple are due to the lack of listening properly. When husband wants to share something, be the wife that listens to her husband when he simply wants to share. 

2. Support mentally 

Well, it is also the duty of the wife to support her husband in crucial life decisions. Most of the times, it becomes difficult for the husband to decide the matters. Here, wife not only has to help in deciding, but also to help him, by providing the support.

3. Maintain essential spacing in the relation

The marriage relationship entirely does not depend upon physical closeness. Have your own space and time too with your gals and pals and let your hubby to have his own buddies. While performing your worldly professional duties, you must be as close as possible without much feeling being glued with each other. You must individually see your priorities as well. 

4. Plan Activities together

Well, marital relationship does require its proper time. Apart from being busy in your daily house hold or other professional chores, plan to go out for meals, head out for get together with old pals or just take a long drive and try as much as to maintain your life interesting. Try not to have that monotonous life. The mundane routine may lead to lack of happiness or zeal for the relation. So you must plan activities for your hubby wife time. Don’t just spend all day long at home on your day off from the work..

5. Be honest-

No marital relations can be the best one without inculcating honesty in them. The relations, in whom secrets are kept to maintain the gap among the couple, can never grow as the best relation. The intimacy develops by being honest; revealing the secrets gradually and even discussing the bad or the best...Honest relations are the best on.

6. Understand properly-

If you don’t listen, you don’t understand. Most of the time, you end up fighting at the top of the hat without really thinking about why the other person said this thing. So during fights or quarrels, you must understand his point of view before replying with your opinion. Lack of proper communication often leads to the misunderstandings which is the major cause of breakups…!

7. Appreciate wholeheartedly-

Never underestimate or insult your partner in front of anyone, rather praise your husband or appreciate him for something great he did. The positive traits and achievements must be talked about and you must boost the ego of your hubby up to a significant level to show that you are proud on him.

8. Compromise on situations

Before you see the things in bustle, try putting yourself in other shoe. Never blame for the faults of yours on him. Rather try to understand the situation. After tying the nuptial, you have to think initially for your partner, then for yourself. Try settling the situations where both of you find the common ground where both of you find parts of what you two want without hurting anyone’s feelings..

9. Complement each other- 

Well, you wanna appreciate your partner, be verbal. Well, who does not like receiving the compliments? Be kind hearted. What is there inside you must be said aloud. All men are not the mind readers. 

10. Give Surprises- 

Pay attention to small things that you think he likes...You must keep an eagle eye on his hobbies and fantasies. Keep boosting him by giving him gifts of his liking. The small token of love and regard would make him realize how much attention you pay to the things he like. This would surprise him with the love that you have for him in your heart,

11. Cook delicious, consider his favorite cuisines- 

The love that you feel for him can be expressed in a variety of the ways by cooking for his favorite cuisines, at home or if you can’t cook them, then pamper him by ordering the food he likes from the market.This would create a special corner in his heart.

12. Respect his friends and family-

No matter how much you despise them, never criticize his friends and family. Try to think from your hubby’s friends and family’s point of view. Don’t be self centered and overpossesive for the relations. So make it a point to be cordial (if not pally) with them.

13. be naughty and flirt to have fun- 

Husbands indeed love the wife who is funny and little more towards the naughty side too. Be flirty in fun and have loads of fun with your hubby and the family.

14. Be a good Mom but best wife too-

No matter how much busy you actually are with your kids, try not to ignore the hubby too.. devote equal time to them so that your relationship with your husband is not affected negatively. 


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