Kindness The Best Way To Make Any Relationship Work 

Kindness The Best Way To Make Any Relationship Work

The worst thing that you can do for your marriage is having an ego. It is this ego which forces you to want to be always right in the relationship and this need for being right all the time, can spell doom for your marriage. It is important for a husband and wife to understand each and other show kindness towards the views and opinions of each other. 

Give Up The Need To Be Always Right

It is not possible for any human being to be right all the time. Therefore, in your marriage, when you try to be right all the time, you end up frustrating not just your partner, but also make life very difficult for your ownself. Instead of trying to prove yourself right all the time, it would be better if you would lend a more understanding ear towards your partner, and therefore, increase the love and bonding between the two of you. Just because you feel that you are responsible for the relationship does not mean that every decision that has to be taken should be as per your thinking and the views of the other person do not matter at all. By doing this, you would only make things more difficult for yourself. By sharing the responsibilities with your partner and making him or her, a part of your decisions, you would be able to reduce the burden on your shoulders and at the same time, you would also be able to build a deeper connection with your partner. Therefore, being kind towards the views and opinions of your partner is the best way to have a healthy and successful marriage. 

Difference Between Kindness And Compromise

While it is extremely important that you accommodate the views and opinions of your partner, it is also important that you understand the difference between kindness and compromise. Showing kindness towards the opinions and wishes of your partner can help your relationship in growing better, but if you start to compromise on your own wishes and desires, simply to accommodate the wishes and desires of your partner all the time, then eventually, this too would start to have bad consequences on your relationship. The purpose of being kind in a relationship is to allow both the partners equal opportunities to grow and flourish in that relationship, and therefore, when this kindness turns into compromise and one partner has to make all the sacrifices, the relationship can never work. 

Increase Your Learning And Understanding

You may feel that between you and your partner, you are the one with more knowledge about the world and this may be true as well, but this does not mean that the other partner does not have anything to teach you. Even the dumbest person on the earth can teach the smartest person on the earth one or two very important lessons in life. Therefore, when you show kindness towards your partner and give them an opportunity to express their views and opinions or share their feelings, there is a big possibility that you might end up learning some important lesson of life from them. 


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