Kinds of Marriages in Hinduism 

Kinds of Marriages in Hinduism

Hindu Marriage is the event of joining two individuals, bride and groom in the life long bond of love and commitment, so they are able to pursue and follow their religious duty or dharma, respect their possessions or artha and kindle up Kama or physical desires and gather the sacrifice to get moksha which ultimately releases spirits together. As per law and order, Hindu wedding a usual union of two individuals who promise to spend life together. As per religion, Hinduism is strictly followed by Hindu wedding traditions, rituals for consummation, in fact marriage is assumed to be incomplete or invalid until a consummation takes place.

Types of Hindu Marriages:

As per the Hindu wedding customs, descriptions in the religious Hinduism text of Manusmriti that is the law of Manu or Manava Dharma Shastra there are eight kinds of Hindu marriages or eight types of mode of acquiring a wife which is done on the basis of method of concentrating the marriage bond. In these eight types, four types (Brahma, Daiva, Arsha and Prajapataya) of Hindu wedding are considered as proper and desirable and other four (Asura, Gandharva, Rakshasa and Paisacha) are regarded to be undesirable as per the Grihya Sutra. 

  • Brahma Marriage: It holds a supreme position among all eight types of Hindu wedding. In this the boy is eligible to marry only if he has completed brahmacharya, after which parents search for a bride. The bride’s father ensures that the groom has acquired the knowledge of Vedas and there is no system of dowry in this type.

  • Daiva Marriage: In this type of Hindu marriage, the girl’s family wait for a particular time for getting her married and if they are unable find a perfect match, they marry her off to places, where sacrifices are conducted that means that girl marries to a priest, and conducts sacrifice with him. This type of Hindu marriage is considered inferior to Brahma marriage as it is a degrading of womanhood.

  • Arsha Marriage: In this type the girl is married to the old sages or rishis, in which the bride is given in exchange of two cows by the groom. The exchange with cows reveals that groom does not have any remarkable quality. These kinds of Hindu Marriage are not considered noble.

  • Prajapataya Marriage: Unlike Brahma marriage, the father search for the perfect match for a groom for his daughter but Brahma is considered better as the groom’s family goes in search of suitable bride.

  • Gandharva Marriage: It is similar to love marriage, where bride and groom get married secretly without letting their parents know about it. It is not right as it is performed without the consent of the parents.

  • Asura Marriage: In this the groom is not at all suitable for the bride; he gives much wealth to girl’s family and marries her.

  • Rakshasa Marriage: In this the groom fights battle with the family of bride, and if he wins him forcefully carries the bride and persuade her to marry him.

  • Paisacha Marriage: In this even if the girl is unwilling to marry, she is forced to marry against her wish. Men would marry a girl whom he seduced while she was asleep or intoxicated. This was later on prohibited.    


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