Know The Recipe for a Successful Marriage 

Know The Recipe for a Successful Marriage

Every wedding starts with a hope for a life of togetherness, love and caring. But, some marriages do end up in friction in relationship or sadly sometimes in divorce. Why is it that couples who happily decide to get married suddenly start hating each other and decide to part ways? Is it possible to have a happy and satisfying married life? Yes, it is possible and if a marriage is strong and thriving, that is because two people have done their part. What is a recipe for a successful marriage? Is it love, understanding, trust, caring or a mixture of all these put together in a pan called the married life? There are various ingredients, cautiously mixed together, that develops successful marriages. Let us examine these in the order of priority.

Drop your Ego…

It is the first and foremost thing in a marriage. You cannot develop a relationship with a person with an inflated ego in which both are constantly striving to prove themselves superior to the other. Shun this ugly and useless ego to move forward in any relationship.


It is the next most important ingredient in a marriage. Man and woman have to trust each other. In other words, both individuals have to work upon to crate that atmosphere of trust. It involves sharing your past lives and always speaking your heart out and never hiding anything from each other. Truthfulness with each other develops high value trust amongst each other. It is very difficult to develop a relationship if the trust between husband and wife is lacking.

Understanding Each Other

Understanding comes next in the order of priority in any relationship. Once you both develop trust between each other, it will become very easy to understand each other’s feeling and emotion hereafter. It will take some time but slowly and steadily that understanding is developed which will help you to build the relationship.


Once you both have developed trust and understanding, it is very natural for love to enter your relationship automatically. Love is by-product of trust and understanding. People generally make a mistake of finding love in other person directly which is really very difficult to develop without first developing trust and understanding.


Trust me; it is such an erotic experience to make love to a person with whom you are actually in love. If love is not there, then you are just fulfilling your physical desires. Sex becomes a beautiful word in a relationship developed on the love.


They say marriages are made in heaven, but if your marriage is just a heap of expectations from other person without the ingredients mentioned above then you are bound to be disappointed. But if your marriage is egoless and based on trust, understanding and love (in a sequence), then everything would be a bliss.


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