Latest And Trending Ideas For Decorating A Luxury Wedding Car 

Latest And Trending Ideas For Decorating A Luxury Wedding Car

Everything about a wedding is carefully planned and thought out. From the decoration of the wedding venue, to choosing the clothes of the waiters at the wedding, brides, grooms and their families put in a lot of effort in making sure that each and everything about the wedding is well planned and looks pretty. With the smallest of things being taken care of, how can one forget about the wedding car. This the car in which the newlyweds will drive off into their new life, and hence, it just has to be special. Now it is not possible to get a custom made car for this occasion, however, you can get customized and trendy decorations done to your own car, and convert it into a special luxury wedding car.


The usual decorations used by most of the people on wedding traditional vehicles include fresh flower arrangements that form a blanket all over the vehicle, ribbons, etc. It’s time to think a little out of the box and decorate this very special car in a unique and special manner. Below are some new and interesting wedding car decoration ideas which you can explore for yourself:


Use Minimalistic But Eye Catching Window Clings


If you own a really fancy car, and do not want to cover it with flowers and other decoration items, using window clings is a great option. You can use these waterproof vinyl stickers to write interesting quotes on marriage. You can choose to either go the romantic way and write something special for your bride, welcoming her into your life, or you can go the funny route, and use these stickers to write funny lines on marriage like, ‘marriage is a license to irritate one person for the rest of your life’. With these window clings, you are able to decorate your wedding car in a minimalist manner, yet leaving a strong impact on anyone who sees the same.


Hire A Royal Car


There are many companies which give premium wedding cars on rent. You can opt to hire a vintage car as your wedding car, and there will be no need for any further decorations. The purpose of these decorations is to make the wedding car appear different and special from all the rest of the cars present. A vintage car will in itself be so special and different, that adding decorations to it will only spoil its beauty and charm. Driving off into the sunset with your bride in this premium car, you will actually feel like you are some prince who has managed to rescue and marry a beautiful princess. It will be the perfect ending to your royal wedding ceremonies.


Match The Theme Of Your Wedding


If you have a special theme for your wedding, then all the arrangements at the wedding would be in accordance with the same. Hence, it only makes sense that the decorations on your wedding car should also be on the same lines. You can pick flowers that match the color scheme of your wedding, or use floral arrangements that are the same as your boutonniere.


New Floral Arrangement Ideas


Whether you are an environmentally conscious person, or simply like things done in a classy and sophisticated manner, it is a great idea to ditch the old style of decorating cars with flowers, and instead opt for the new and minimal flowers decoration ideas for wedding cars. Instead of covering the entire BMW or any other high end car with flowers, and taking away the charm of the car itself, use special floral arrangements, in unique shapes like heart shape, etc., to cover just one side of the car with it in a stylish and elegant manner. You can even opt to use the flowers to only decorate the front grill of the vehicle. There are many other new and unique ideas for decorating a wedding car with flower which should be opted for instead of the old and traditional floral wedding car decorations.


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