Latest Hairstyles for Indian Brides 

Latest Hairstyles for Indian Brides

Wedding according to Vedas unites souls of two loving hearts. Today in wedding there is a lot of entertainment and DJ floor is put for dancing and enjoying whole day and night. Each and every girl wants to appeal awesome and best on the most important day of her life and brides being the centre of attention to all, outfit, makeup and hair are all under scrutiny at the time of the wedding. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that she looks just perfect from head to toe. Emphasis is given more on the makeup and dress but hair style should also be taken care of. In Indian wedding hair of the bride is mostly covered by dupatta but instead there are some beautiful and intricate hairstyles which enhances the beauty of the bride.
Listed below are the traditional burn hairstyles which Indian brides can consider for their wedding function:


Rose side up do

This sophisticated hair style gives the look of rose bud, as the name suggests and up do is quite attractive in itself an if floral clip is put on the right hand side of the bun it gives an overall another dimension.

Wedding Hairstyles

Brides who need to cover their head; this style is a good option.


Messy curly up do

Curly Hairstyles

To spruce bridal hair this is one of the easy hairstyle. Loose curls in front of the face give an extremely romantic look to the bride. These hairstyles suites on the brides who have medium or long hair.


Beehive hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyles

A bride looks completely different in this hairstyle. This beehive hairstyle is inspired by the women who wore puffy style in 1960s. In short hairs this style adds more volume. It gives a royal look to the bride on the wedding day. 


Infinity braid up do

Classy Hairstyles for Engagement

This hairstyle is made by pairing up with artificial hair and gives an elegant twist. It is typically a socks bun or dount. If the bride has to keep dupatta on the head, this hairstyle is just perfect. By using the ornaments such as tikka or matha patti the sophistication of hairstyle can be further accentuated.



Twisted bun

Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

It is one of the beautiful and simple hairstyle for dressing up the bride in a wonderful way. If some hair accessories are added to this hairstyle the bride look even more gorgeous. 


Bubble bun

Bubble Bun for Bridesmaids

This hair style is commonly referred to as looped bun or bubble bun. The loops and swirls in the bun give an entirely different look to the bride. This gorgeous hairstyle transforms the girl to glamorous bride. This hairstyle is best suited for long hairs but in short hairs hair extensions can be used to make this hairstyle. 


Open Curly Hairstyles

Open Curly Hairstyles

For an Indian bride open hairstyles are always in trend. There are many ways to wear an open style which includes: simple rollers, waves and straight. To choose from either taking it all one side or just pinning at centre both are the good options. 


Messy buns

Messy Bun with Curls

This hairstyle is best suited for the bride who doesn’t have to cover their heads. This hairstyle is elegant, different and if curls and strands are left on the either side of the face it gives an additional softness to the face of bride.


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