Latest trends in the wedding albums- 

Latest trends in the wedding albums-

The wedding starts and finally ends up with all the kind of photographs, which indeed would be the most memorable for the whole life time.  After all the hullabaloo on taking the right kind of the pictures, that too after a long procedure, which starts pre wedding, the selection of an ideal photographer, and then the clicking of the right kind of the photographs, the compilation of these wedding photos into an album is indeed a tedious task. It’s actually the sweetest way to look back and reminisce. The arrangement of shaddi photos in the album or keeping them inside the pan drive is seen or is in vogue now-a-days. What else can be done to overcome the old fashioned or outdated trend of keeping the big bulky albums? Let’s ponder into detail- 

There are some small and cool ideas that can make everyone happy as this smallest step can make count everything counts.

1. Customized and personalized covers- the covers to personalize your wedding album can range from few thousands to lakh even. The experts or the designers can digitalize your wedding album. All graphics can be done by a good digital agency.

2. Illustrated covers- the piece of art with the interesting artwork on the covers and the caricature of the husband and wife to the displayed or grooming the cover with the pure silk covers to handcrafted artisan heirlooms worked with beads and embroideries are like the great piece of artistically elegance. Which can no doubt mesmerize anyone and can be spell bounding in nature?

3. PDF files designed in a proper way- with printed and well designed in the digital form about the personal life of the bride and the groom is in vogue now-a-days. The elegance of these pdf files is also important in deciding the cost, due to its cost effectiveness.

4. Frames (digital) - Instead of just a pen drive or drop box, we can also really work on the pictures and set up a digital album with the help of digital frames.

5.Glass, ingrained or printed Asap for bride and groom- the black and white photo etched on the top with the first cover with glass can be the better way to start with the beautiful album.

6. Gold or silver binding and printing- this is the main trendy and popular album out of all the available replica of the hybrids. The main cause being the higher quality print and durability.

7. Full HD albums- Full HD Albums: Better clarity, better design and better paper. These days, albums come with great binding and good quality paper that is both durable and long-lasting. On an average, Rs 25 -27,000 is the starting range for 30 spreads and that means, 60 pages if they are printed in India. There are some which are printed abroad but that is something only a photographer can get done – different paper and graphics included. It also depends on a lot of variables – the design, number of prints and the paper! Look at Photo Orange for more details.

8. Leather Covers: Clean, soft and durable- leather covers are the ultimate. 


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