Light Bulbs Cheap Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas 

Light Bulbs Cheap Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

When we think about or talk about the decoration for wedding, the first thought that comes to mind is that of floral decoration. However, what we all do not realize is that more than these expensive and exotic flowers, what really makes the decorations at any venue shine is the lights. Small, tiny light bulbs, which hardly cost anything, have the power to make even the dingiest of places look bright and sparkling. The professional wedding planners are well aware of the importance of these light bulbs and therefore, in their latest wedding decoration, these wedding planners try to come up with new and innovative styles and ways of using these light bulbs to make the venue appear like a dreamland.  


There are many unique wedding decoration ideas, in which these light bulbs are being used in a very unique fashion these days.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Replacing Curtains With Light Bulbs


Instead of using the white, shimmery and sparkling curtains to provide a fairytale look to affordable wedding venues, the decorators are using strings of light bulbs, arranged in a manner that they appear to be these curtains or showers of rain. Against this bright, white backdrop, flower arrangements of bright red flowers, really brings the whole place to life.


Making The Stars Come Closer

Luxury Wedding Decorators India

While it may not be possible to actually bring the stars closer, by decorating the entire ceiling with light bulbs, you can actually make it appear like the entire wedding is taking place directly under the stars.


Bring Special Locations Under Spotlight

Indian Wedding Reception Decorators

There are certain parts of a venue which need to be emphasized more than the rest of the venue. For example, the wedding decorators on a budget need to make sure that the area where the mandap would be placed is decorated more than the rest of the area. By using special lights in the mandap decorations, these Indian wedding reception decorators are able to ensure that the mandap stands out bright and vibrant amongst all the other decorations of the wedding venue.


Simplicity Can Be Pretty

Cheap Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Even if you have very limited budget for your wedding decorations, you can still expect your venue to appear like the prettiest place on earth with the help of these wedding light bulbs. Just place beautiful chandeliers above the tables or use some classy and modern light decorations to get the best cheap outdoor wedding decoration.


Theme Decorations

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Decorations for a theme wedding will need the support of the bright lights. If your theme for the wedding is red, then all your red decorations can actually make the place look dull, especially in the night. The only thing that will save these red decorations, and actually makes them appear bright and attractive is golden lights. Similarly, depending on the theme of your wedding, you can actually create floral designs, holograms and many other designs using decorative light bulbs.


Create Beautiful Pathways

Indian Destination Wedding

The way leading to the actual area, where the wedding ceremony will be held, can be decorated in many different ways using these light bulbs. You can create carpets using the strings of these light bulbs, or you can hand pretty chandeliers all the way down, to create a surreal effect.


These cheap wedding decorations actually bring a lot of class and grace to any and all wedding decorations.


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