Live these finest pre wedding photo shoot themes as beautifully captured by Dee Color Producers 

Live these finest pre wedding photo shoot themes as beautifully captured by Dee Color Producers

Dee Color Producers is the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi/NCR and is known to deliver resonant services as per custom requests. Pre wedding photography is its noted specialization! It can be either requisitioned as independent pre wedding photo shoot package or can be also combined in the complete service deal. With long experience in this genre of wedding photography, Dee Color Producers is now counted among the best banners. Here are the celebrated concepts that have been beautifully worked for the enthusiastic clients by Dee Color Producers. Have a look and find your resonances before deciding!


The gondola ride in a hilly lake!

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Nothing can be more romantic than this concept where the couple rides a gondola in a clear lake with blue waters. In the background, you find the hilly terrain like we have in some of the noted hill stations in India. You can choose from among the lakes of Udaipur or Himalayan Shivalik. Pose standing with hands spread like a swan ready to take off into the skies. Dee Color Producers has offered iconic depictions for the couples tying the knot and therefore they count lakes as the best pre wedding shoot location. The best part of such a photo shoot is the serene and tranquil calm of the lake.


The countryside dusty excursion in a glam super sedan

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Read out the versatile beauty that flows through the couple bond as beautifully captured by Dee Color Producers in this countryside locale. The red earth in the bottom and the blue skies with cirrus constitute the perfect combination while the main icon is the couple that can choose to make postures as directed by the professional shutterbug doing the photo shoot. Add an element of glam through your luxury ride or you can also hire one at a nominal rent for a day.


How about this glam ridden and richly decorated love theme?

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Pose like the lovebirds engaged in singing the duet! In the background, there will be a brightly lit panel with warm white hues. This is a finesse expression of the love that you both have nurtured before tying the knot! The depiction is truly marked by the romantic fervor that has reached its zenith. LOVE reads one big banner that stands robust at one end and adds the appeal and glitter to the show. Dee Color Producers has worked several of such theme photo shoots for its clients and this makes it stand tall among the top wedding photographers in Delhi!


Take a bicycle ride!

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It is one of the cherished concepts in the genre of pre marriage photography! Most couples request this one and some even want the balloons added as a mark of joy. Why such appeal for this concept? You may wonder but the art of simplicity as it displays does the magic! The components of flowers, color splash, the clear blue skies and a passage into the woods etc further augment the flavor of love.


Solo in the lap of nature!

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Most of the professional wedding photographers specializing in the niche of pre wedding photo shoot choose valleys in the Himalayas, particularly the upper reaches that are very much untouched and bear an exotic appeal! Such natural ambiences abound by mountainous terrain truly matches with the love that exists between the groom and bride to be!


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