Live Wedding Band and Costs 

Live Wedding Band and Costs

The wedding bands are essential part of any wedding. But, the money spend on the bands are generally high and you need to have a research and check on this huge expenditure. Here are a few points that you may consider. 

Cost Depends On Day of Wedding

The musicians wedding music bands perform at other occasions too. They are hired on weekends to perform at places other than weddings. So, if you plan for a wedding in weekends, the cost of wedding band will be more as compared to weekdays. So, if you want to have a good wedding band at competitive prices, you must plan your wedding from Monday to Friday i.e. weekday. 

Size of Band

More the number of persons in the music band, the more will be cost. It is quite natural. In general the live wedding bands are available in the five to fifty members group. You may decide the money to be spent on band in advance and then accordingly you may hire a wedding band for your wedding. The size of a band also depends on the number of music instruments played by the artists of the band and performers. 

Time of Engagement

Generally the wedding bands are booked as per the timing they need to perform at your wedding. On peak days, the wedding bands are engaged by two or more clients. They tell till shift i.e. first shift, second shift etc. This is generally for one to two hour time. If you have booked the band for first shift and delayed them in relieving, you need to pay extra cost to them.  

On the other hand, if you book live music wedding bands which will be at your venue all the times from beginning to then end of ceremony; you definitely need to pay higher cost than that for the shorter period. These bands will arrive before the start of ceremony and will continue to play music and entertain till all rituals are over and the guest left. 

Additional Costs

Various factors also affect the cost of bands hired on the wedding day. These are termed as additional costs. If you ask for some specific artist, extra performance times etc.; then you are required to pay extra costs to the wedding bands. 

At the same if the location of band is far away from your venue of marriage, they will charge for travel expenses too. Various wedding music bands have different opinions in this aspect. Some charge openly for travel expenses apart from the cost of performance while others include their travelling expenses in their original charges. 

Not only this, there are various costs which you generally ignore. These are related to providing meal and accommodation for the performers of wedding bands. It is must that you provide meal to persons of wedding band. If they perform for shorter period, you may not provide them the food, but for longer period of performance the meal is necessity. 

This is usually not required for musicians only performing a ceremony or for performance times under 2 hours.  Since bands and DJs are performing for many hours (including load in and break down times) this prohibits musicians from going off site to eat. This is coupled with lodging for the musicians too. 


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