Look Out As How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring 

Look Out As How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring

Engagement is a special occasion and brings the boy and girl together as a couple so that they may tie the knot in future and live together as husband and wife. This occasion necessarily demands special icons that define it and add a fervour and charm to the core value so developed. Jewellery and in particular the engagement rings have become the universal norm in all the cultures of the world. The bride and groom exchange the engagement rings that could be made in precious metals like gold and silver and could also be studded with diamonds; depending upon the value that the person wants to spend in buying the rings. These rings symbolize the love bond for ever and shine as the mark of the beginning of a healthy relationship. Such an important piece of adoration therefore demands special care and upkeep also. So what are the tips of taking good care of the engagement ring? Let’s see here below. 

  • Avoiding rough tasks with the ring on one’s finger 
Engagement rings are valuable on account of these being made with precious metals. However, these metals are not resistant to wear and tear and the ring could get damaged like when engaging in rough tasks. So if you are cleaning your house or having a rough overhaul of your garage then it is always better to keep the ring off for that period. Carrying the tasks with ring on the finger can render scratches and distortions to it and lessen the jewel appeal of it. Even the diamonds that are considered the hardest known substances on earth are prone to chipping and edge damages! 

  • Save the ring from the harsh chemicals in domestic ambiences 
These days, an average household relies on whole diversity of chemicals and reagents to carry out with the routine and special tasks like those pertaining to cleaning and others. Even strong perfumes contain alcohols that cause damage to the metal over time. It is always better to wear gloves like while having hair dying or handling strong chemicals. 

  • Routinely cleaning the ring through reliable means
In spite of taking care of the engagement ring, these accumulate the dirt and other substances that reduce the shine and lustre of the metal. The wearer should have the routine cleaning of the ring done either through self or through the professional service provider. This keeps the original glow alive and the person could really enjoy it as adoration. 

  • Handling and storage 
This is very important. If you are not wearing your ring all the time then it is good to place it in a secure manner. The authentic carry case would be the good option to store the ring in the safe wardrobe. The diamond ring should not be left along with other jewellery as the diamonds being very hard can scratch other metals’ jewellery. 

  • Getting it insured to avoid loss of value in untoward circumstances
If your ring is really precious, like a diamond ring or otherwise then get the same insured at the earliest. This could be of help in case it gets stolen or lost!


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