Look Out For the Best and Gorgeous White Wedding Cake Options 

Look Out For the Best and Gorgeous White Wedding Cake Options

Wedding functions are marked by specialties and icons of diversity. Different cultures have developed range of such icons that are practiced as a mark of spiritual authenticity or simply for complementing the fervor. The feasting offers passages for hospitality while some genres like the wedding cake is reserved to be presided by the couple alone; of course all cherish their pie and piece. Wedding cake is actually a tradition of the western culture and the newlywed couple cuts a specially designed custom cake to live the appeal that prevails during their wedding.  

The bakers of caliber have been very passionately delivering towards the demands made by the enthusiastic couples. The definitive fact associated with a wedding cake is that it must depict certain special attribute of customization so that the moments are lived as some of the best memories for life. Artistic skills need to be churned thoroughly each time! Gorgeous white wedding cakes are in highest demand together with the specialty icing. Let’s look out the finest themes of white wedding cakes. 

The multi-platform cake 

These are rated among most gorgeous cakes because of their sheer size and stacking type presentation such that it reaches high and is almost adored as a jewel at the wedding function. The high butter cream white icing should be used to cover the entire cake. The decoration should be done with Chocó fluid to give it a rich colour. Another type of decoration icing could be in the glitter cream. 

Theme cakes 

These are really artistic cakes and are designed on special demands by the couples that like some unique addition to their wedding party. The theme could be any type that appeal to the human mind and soul almost as a great art piece & beautifully complements the wedding function and its fervour. The web is abuzz with pics of such artistic cakes and reviews that have been shared by the couples, guests and bakers. The scenery, dream house, Cinderella and such other genres have been beautifully worked to make out the cakes. The base icing is kept white while silver and gold glitter and few other colors could be also used to make up the demands. 

Dancing couple cake 

These days the cake artists have been using smart technologies and tech gadgets to generate special effects in the cake. The dancing couple cake is simply glory manifested. Nothing could be more suitable for the newlywed couple than this. A hard butter couple in a fine dancing posture is made out and placed on a rotating table that is almost camouflaged with the white cake icing. The intricately carved bride and groom together with their attires just appeal every one. 

Colourful splash cake 

Colourful cakes are made with white base icing and a rich splash of edible color creams that are now readily available. The bakers have been designing some exclusive cakes for wedding occasions. 

The replicas cake 

These cakes require the exact replicas of the bride and groom to be made on the cake. Most of the times a 3D replica is made and decorated with same colour attire that the couple would be wearing on their big day. Intricacies like their jewellery and facial characteristics are also offered. 


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