Look Out For the Best Bridesmaids Dress Styles and Trends 

Look Out For the Best Bridesmaids Dress Styles and Trends

Apart from the bride, the bridesmaids are also the icons of the wedding ceremonies and this explains the significance of the dresses of the bridesmaids. The market is offering some of the best designs, styles and fabrics that are aimed towards wholesome appeal development. 

Color choice is fundamental!

The color of the dresses could be kept the same and the bride could choose it in consultation with the bridesmaids so selected by her. Care should be taken to ensure that the choice of color is suitable for all the maids in terms of their hues and complexions. Also, the dress styles need to resonate with the colors. Gowns could be good in the deep bright reds or other vibrant colors while the cut short frocks would look gaudy in the lighter options. The choice of the color would also depend upon whether the wedding function is to take place outdoor in some garden or in the wedding hall in the evening. The color choice is the fundamental one for the bridesmaids’ dresses. While keeping the color same for all your bridesmaids, you can allow different styles to the individual maids. This would allow for the customizations and also allow choice as per individual fancies and liking. Here are the leading and popular bridesmaids’ dress styles. 

The floor length gowns 

These are much elegant in their looks and develop instant synonymy with the bridal gown that is of course more lofty and fulsome. These are most suitable if the bridesmaid is tall and slim. These gowns are very often decorated with robes and belts made in the same fabric. 

The Empire gown as a mark of elegance

Empire gown is again very elegant choice for the bridesmaids! These generally are offered with a V neck that makes them all the more elegant. The long sleeves are the notable addition here. For the same reason it could be the great choice for the maid of honor! The darker hues like maroon or oxford blue would be suitable color choices for this style. 

Strapless gowns 

These are among the most popular ones and are much common to the floor length gowns. The difference is generally in terms of the length and these create a floor-spread so as to generate a better appeal for the wearer. 

Strapless frocks decorated with rosettes and ribbons 

Strapless frocks are the cut short dresses that reveal the legs of the wearer and deliver a flamboyant look to the bridesmaids. The teen bridesmaids are very much rallied towards these dresses and want to spread their charm with a definite expression. 

One shoulder accented type gowns 

These gowns have a portion of the fabric draping the right shoulders so that it could be no longer called as the strapless one. Rest characteristics could be same. 

The fabrics – satin and nets 

The fabric choice is also important. The popular trends are of satin that deliver a flow and fall to the attire. Nets and stain combination is good for the frocks and cut short dresses. 


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