Look Out for the Best Designer Cakes to Make your Occasion Special 

Look Out for the Best Designer Cakes to Make your Occasion Special

Wedding cakes mark the fervour of the wedding celebration for the newlywed couple as also the guests that gather to be part of the occasion. The cutting of cake by the just married bride and groom also marks the beginning of the party for all while the couple gets into focus during the cake cutting. Specialty wedding cake songs are played during this time and this makes the occasion wholesome. The couple therefore tries to arrange the finest wedding cake for their wedding party. Designer wedding cakes are now available by the leading bakers and cake artists throughout the world. These bakers have been relying on specialty machines and techniques to make the high quality detailing and artistry that form the basis of the designer wedding cakes. Innovations are also high in their tasks and they are offering novelty themes. Here are the options of wedding designer cakes. 

The theme cakes 

Theme cakes have become popular because of the multitudes of customizations that are available in this category. The cake makers are pooling hundreds of hours to make specialty cakes with attractive and resonant themes. Most of the times, the cake makers cater as per the demands of the couple and we seldom find any specific concept as the most demanded one. Through such theme cakes, the couples try to make their wedding occasion unique and memorable. 

The cake topper specialty cakes 

Cake toppers in the edible and the non-edible categories have become common for the decoration purposes. The non-edible ones are made as pretty iconic and attractive in acrylic & plastic. The dancing couple cake toppers are much demanded and have become common for the wedding cakes. The miniature bride and groom could be found sitting at the top platform of the multi storied cake as an icon. There are diversities of cake toppers in the market to choose from. 

Glossy colorful cake 

Wedding cakes have been mostly designed as the white cakes but now we find colorful designer cakes also. Machine sprayers are used to generate very artistic and designer patterns on the cake. The colorful cakes add vibrant fervor to the wedding party. 

Floral detailing cakes 

Floral patterns have been some of the oldest cake decoration options. Now these are made as highly detailed types & it appears as if the real flowers have been plucked and pasted. Such cakes are genres to behold. 

Portrait and monumental replica cakes 

Portrait and monumental cakes are the artworks and expensive too. The sculptors


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