Look Out For The Colours Choices In The Wedding Decoration Flowers  

Look Out For The Colours Choices In The Wedding Decoration Flowers

Wedding occasions are grand and elaborate; courtesy to the fervour that abounds through the customs and rituals that we have nurtured as a part of our cultural evolution since ages. There is definite demand for decoration at the ceremonies that take place in succession. While there are innumerable icons of wedding decoration, especially in the current glam ridden markets, the place of natural flowers has never been lost. Rather there are more numbers of seekers who are requisitioning the authentic and exclusive florist’s services to decorate their wedding functions. 

The wedding decoration through flowers has thus grown out into a much demanded concept in the last one to two decades and the services available are also very refined. The service providers are offering themed flower decoration in different choices, colours and budgets. More people present their choices in terms of colours of the flowers and it is all a case of personal fancy; unless influenced by the customs. More practically, we find some combinations that always remain in high demand. Let’s look into various choices available for floral decoration in wedding.

The red and white combination

This is one of the most charming combinations of flowers. The choices available to choose are also many and fit well into the budget of the ordinary seeker. The roses are the prime choice and these are available in both the colours – red and white. However, often white tone is set in different variety like lilies and jerbera among others. The red roses are then used as the icons. 

The blues and purples

Blues and purples are the darker shades flowers and often used in combination with white or red. The white and purple combination is stunning, if the service provider is an experienced at making the patterns. The purples and blues are also some of the rarest species and hence the seeker needs to shell more value out of his pocket. 

The yellow and orange 

These are also the common choices for the wedding decoration. In some cultures like India, there is high demand for the yellow flowers because these are considered auspicious and hence good for the marriage ceremony. The local marigold species is commonly seen in the Indian weddings. These are used for making the ‘rangoli’ art on floors and for decorating the mandap for the bride and groom. 

The rare greens 

Green flowers are seldom found in nature and we mostly have the contrasting colours. However, if you wish to have some exclusive look and feel then the green orchids are the best choices.

A splash of all colours 

A more colourful combination could be sought through the amalgam of all the colours and thus make out a vibrant splash of colours, this fill the entire wedding occasion with the joy and fervour.

While the selection of colours of the wedding decoration flowers is a common aspect, the cost and budget play important role. It is always advisable to go for the regional varieties that could be sourced from the local market in less of cost. The exotics could be also sourced in small quantities.


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