Look Out For the Dishes That Make the Bengali Marriage a Gastronomical Delight 

Look Out For the Dishes That Make the Bengali Marriage a Gastronomical Delight

Food delicacies are the definite icons of any wedding. Here in India, the regional cultures have developed their own tastes and cuisines and the best of these are being savored by the guests at the wedding occasions. Each region has its own set of fooding genres and tastes that are much cherished. The state of Bengal has its own rich tradition of fooding; in fact Bengalis are known to live the indulgent fervor through their foods and sweets. Bengali marriage showcases these dishes and delights. What are the most celebrated of these dishes? Let’s find out.

Bengal has been a place of fish curries and traditional milk sweets that are an array in them. The presence of these and other delicacies make the Bengali marriage truly a gastronomical delight! The best ones are – 


Shingara is the all famous samosa of India. This is served hot to the guests at the Bengali weddings. Typically a starter, this is much liked with the chutneys or sauces. The Bengali shingara is somewhat distinct because of the dedicated uses of spices like ginger and others that give it a distinct flavor. 

Begun bhaja

Bengalis have been known to carry a special appeal towards the begun or the brinjal. The wedding therefore necessarily contains a specialty dish that is most of the times begun bhaja! This dish consists of the circular pieces of brinjal that are deep fried and then treated with dry spices. The guests like to have these with the chutneys. 

Ilish patauri

Ilish patauri is a much demanded dish at the weddings. This uses the famed hilsa fish that is generally more available during the monsoons. The fish is cut into slices and then marinated with spices. A thick coat of spicy mustard paste is applied and these slices are then cooked inside the banana leaves. Many a times ilish bhaja which is simply deep fired hilsa is also served! 

Maachher muro diye mugger dal

This dish characteristically uses the fish head for offering the flavors and aromas to the moong dal that is prepared as thick gravy. The fish heads are marinated in a wholesome manner and then after cooked with the moong dal. More spices are also added while cooking. While some may find this concept as uneasy, it is otherwise much liked one here in Bengal. 

Doi maachhi 

Doi machhi is prepared generally with the rohu fish. The pieces are first marinated and then cooked with curd to produce the spice curry. 

Chicken biryani 

Chicken is consumed hugely in this state of India. The chicken biryani serves as the fine delicacy at the Bengali weddings. It is a spiced mix of aromatic basmati rice and marinated chicken pieces.


This is the most celebrated sweet dish of Bengal and it is held as the best Bengali sweet. It is prepared with yoghurt and cardamom as also dry fruits. 

Misti doi 

Sweetened gur (jaggery) and milk are allowed to set by adding bit of curd. This develops into a sweet doi or yoghurt. 


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