Look Out For the Importance of Child Custody Terminology  

Look Out For the Importance of Child Custody Terminology

The instances of divorce are increasing around the world. More of the couples are getting intolerant and finding their marital life difficult to bear. They look out for the exit so as to live a more peaceful life that is devoid of any tussles and harsh conflicts on trivial matters. However, not all the divorces are so easy and if the couple has parented a child or children then it becomes difficult to accept a bad prospect of their child. The issue of child custody necessarily emerges in each such divorce case where every parent seeks the best for the child and hence likes to have the custody. However, the tussle soon emerges and it could continue as a legal case in the court of law. For the purpose of arbitration there is whole literature and terminology available. Family and law courts analyze in the best manner, the child prospects and then choose the best option that has been worked out under the child custody definitions

There are many types of child custodies that have been defined. These include – 

Physical custody - Physical custody involves the actual custodianship of the child with a particular parent(s). The child resides with the parent that is offered the physical custody through the family/law court. Physical custody could also be arrived through mutual consensus. The physical custody could be sole or joint physical custody. 

Sole physical custody – only one parent is allowed to have the child custody. This could be worked out through the court after assessing the abilities of both the parent in taking care of the child. 

Joint physical custody – both the parent are awarded the joint physical custody. An objective arrangement is done through proper assessments. 

Non-custodial parent – the parent could have time with the child as agreed and cannot have the full time child custody.

Legal custody – this is very clearly demarcated child custodianship where most of the parameters are determined by law. 

While the child custody chronicles could be growing wide and extensive and the definitions getting diversified, practically such concepts need not be determined with the legal battles and court tussles. Often the separated parents get involved in legal battles to almost win the custodianship of their child. It is rather ironic to notice that if they really cared so much for their child they should have not opted for separation/divorce! Now engaging in these conflicts means further damage to the child’s present and prospects. He/she has already suffered through the separation of parents and whether the child knows or not this is the most tragic dimension of his childhood! 

So what is the real significance of this objective terminology? The better use of this terminology is not to engage in battles but to ride upon the differentiations as a mark of ease and thus ensure better prospects of the child whose future could turn out bleak, if left unattended amid the tussles that are always long and conflicting. Both the parents should therefore adopt the best means to ensure the good future of their child


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