Look Out For the Latest Trends in Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom 

Look Out For the Latest Trends in Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom

Wedding has been called as the most significant socializing custom of one’s life. With the knot getting tied, the bride and groom live together as a couple forever and share the obligations and responsibilities of all types amid the indulgent bliss. No wonder this custom has been revered as no less than a pious celebration in it and the cultures around the world have tried to decorate this occasion with all the fervour and icons. Wedding jewellery and attires for the bride and groom serve as the indispensable components which have been made livelier through ages of cultural refinements and passionate dedication. Wedding rings deserve special mention and make up the integral part of the jewellery for the bride and groom. While for her, these rings are more vibrant and gaudy with all sorts of adoration, for him some simpler yet elegant ones have been designed. So what are the different trends of the wedding rings that have become popular? Let’s find out. 

We have already discussed the fundamental differences between the wedding rings for the bride and groom. The trends of age also reflect the same and have been riding upon the new interventions in metals and designs as also the studding that are the definite part of the wedding rings. Here are the finer trends and dimensions. 

Metals choices

  • Traditional Gold 
Traditionally, gold has ruled as the most precious metal for making the wedding rings. In some cultures, gold is also held as auspicious for the couple. The modern techniques like through the use of mini looms and lathes, very intricate designs have been made possible that have become hugely popular. 

  • White gold
White gold is super bright and lustrous alloy of gold and nickel (gold 75%) and this marks the new intervention, especially for the wedding rings. The reason is that this alloy matches perfectly well with the diamond studding that together make up an item of appeal. 

  • Rose gold and red gold 
These are again the alloys of gold with copper metal such that a bright pink to red feel is obtained. The modern wedding rings are being increasingly made in these alloys of gold. 

The gems and stones 

  1. Diamonds – diamonds continue to decorate the gold and white gold wedding rings to generate the best appeal. The value of the rings increases multifold as these are studded with diamonds. 

  2. Rubies, emeralds, pearl - these have again come up buoyant as the colorful additions for the wedding rings. Not only these are cheaper, but these also import the value that is not very much inferior to that offered by the diamonds. 

  3. Cubic cut zirconia – high quality cubic cut zirconias have become the best things in jewellery. These are cheap, very lustrous and imitate the diamonds. 

The new wedding ring designs in demand 

For her – 

  • Bigger flowery adorations that cover a larger part of the hand. 
  • The broader bands studded with very fine diamonds and zirconias
  • The raised types with a central big gem studded at the top – ‘solitaires’
For him –

  • Plain type bands with studdings are good 
  • Raised rectangular or circular ones with studdings of rubies or diamonds


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