Look Out For the Leading Silver Jewellery Brands and Their Offers 

Look Out For the Leading Silver Jewellery Brands and Their Offers

Jewelleries have been made since times immemorial. We love to adore the precious metals and gems to manifest self-worth and simultaneously also look beautiful. For the fairer sex, jewelleries have been the definite part of their identity and every lady wishes to have exclusive sets for occasions of diversity. While gold has been the natural choice for the making of jewellery, the modern ages have seen more of the metal options like silver; particularly sterling silver

The use of silver in the yester ages was more for the manufacture of the silver ware for home use mainly on account of the anti-bacterial properties possessed by this metal in its purest form. However, now sterling liver (an alloy of silver – 92.5%) has emerged popular for the diamond and zirconia jewellery. The leading jewellery brands are thus also offering exclusive silver jewellery of high appeal. Let’s look out various silver jewellery brands that are leading through their dynamic and dedicated catering towards the society.


It is the leading jewellery brand from India and offers very exclusive ranges that carry appeal on account of their intricate designing characteristics. Tanishq was started as jewellery and jewellery watches firm by TATA in association with TIDCO/Tamil Nadu. The brand still rides as the premier one in the Indian and global markets and serves authentic branded jewellery. In the silver jewellery segment, the company has developed fine computed aided designing capacities such that the very intricate patterns are possible. Moreover, Tanishq offers fine ranges of diamond studded sterling silver rings and gold plated silver jewellery sets. The rings in particular are in high demand because of the high polish and finesse. 


This jewellery brand has been offering some of the finest silver jewelleries. Among the sought after ones are the attractive silver ornaments studded with high quality cubic cut zirconia. These sets could be also had as the gold plated ones so as to generate the gold feel and look. Ddamas silver jewellery has got popular on account of the import of fine designs from the different cultures of Europe. They are offering innovative patterns and designs to suit the styles of everyone. 


Geetanjali jewellers have developed distinct ranges of silver jewellery. They have been experimenting with the designs and combinations through the use of diamonds and other precious stones. Moreover, their zirconia studded ladies jewellery are really astonishing in them; while the gold plated ones deliver the authentic feel at lower cost too. 


Amrapali jewellers have specialized in traditional silver jewellery by keeping the authentic designs alive; of course with high finesse. Their silver jewelleries have been made available in high quality rhodium and titanium polishes that make these tarnish and scratch resistant. 


Dbeers is a diamond brand that specializes in engagement and wedding rings among other jewelleries. It also offers its diamonds jewellery in sterling silver with high glossy finish and appeal. The use of silver as the base metal makes the diamond jewellery more attractive. 

The silver jewellery trends have got diversified with more of the brands emerging to serve the demands. We now find exclusive silver jewelleries at affordable prices and this is also a reason for its popularity.


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