Look Out For the Most Beautiful Necklace Styles for Wedding Occasion  

Look Out For the Most Beautiful Necklace Styles for Wedding Occasion

Humans have been decorating them with jewellery since times immemorial. There have been more of the dedicated themes and items for the fairer sex and the bride in particular. Overall, our fancy with the jewelleries of diversity is a complex one and many a time derived from our cultural ethos, our passions for the precious metals and of course the demand for self’ beauty addition at special occasions like wedding. Some specific concepts like the necklaces have got popular in all the cultures of the world and are therefore worked upon intensively to generate better designs and appeals. The goldsmiths and jewellery manufacturing companies of the modern age are utilizing the superior technologies and equiptments like mini looms and lathes to churn out the best necklaces of real exclusivity. So what are the most praiseworthy and appealing necklace designs and styles for a wedding? Let’s find out the best wedding necklaces here below!

Before we look into the types of wedding necklaces, it is essential to understand that for the wedding occasion, a special elegance and charm is desired by every lady. With such demands, some styles have got especially buoyant. 

The BIB designs 

BIBs are always considered good for the wedding occasions because these are grand and elegant in their make and designs. Covering a major part of lower neck and breast, a BIB offers one of the finest magic to the lady. The use of metals is the defining component of the BIB and makes the maximum part of it. The traditional choice has been that of gold or the gold plated silver; as the two metals are considered really precious. To improve the value and appeal, the manufacturers have been relying on diamonds and pearls also. 

  • The gold and diamond BIBs – the BIB sets made in authentic yellow gold are studded with diamonds since the oldest days. This drastically enhances the adoration value derived from it. The modern trend is that of BIB sets made in white gold and studded with diamonds. 

  • The zirconia BIBs – a more economical variant is that of zirconia sets that offer a bright glowing appeal to the wearer. The base metal could be silver or white gold while high quality AAA zirconias offer to attract just as the real diamonds. 

The chokers

Chokers are another popular concept and offer the elegant appeal to the wearer. Worn over the neck, this could be made in metals like gold whereas the pearls are considered a better option for the chokers. 

  • The pearl chokers – one of the most cherished forms of necklaces! These are now available in the different colours also.

The collars in gold 

Collars are fusion of chokers and BIBs and run from upper neck to the upper part of the breast. These can be made in precious metals and studded with diamonds or zirconia. 

The long necklaces in gold and silver 

Long necklaces are special additions and could be worn along with the BIBs and collar type necklaces. These run down to the breasts and add further value. 


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