Look out for the roles adopted by the best man in a western wedding  

Look out for the roles adopted by the best man in a western wedding

Wedding is a grand occasion and the cultures around the world have ensured the fine conditioning of this social custom so that wholesome authenticities are ensured for the couple tying the knot. Therefore there are diversity of rituals and traditions that abound the wedding occasion! 

The groom and the bride alone cannot be expected to bear all the duties to ensure these customs and wedding etiquettes. The families including the siblings and the close friends step in to assume different roles and responsibilities. Their escorts and assistances are the demanded ones for the bride and groom. In the western Christian wedding cultures, the role of best man is considered as uniquely significant one; mainly due to his companionship towards the groom who really wants a good one to rely upon. The roles and duties of best man extend beyond that of a needful companion alone. Let’s find out what are the fundamental tasks and duties that are generally taken up by the best man! 

As a friendly company for the groom 

Best man has the obligation to offer a fine company to the groom throughout his wedding ceremony. The groom could feel lonely in the absence of such a companion! Best man’s company makes the groom feel relaxed and good. He also guides the groom about how to proceed for the nuptials ceremony. Offering the pen for signature is a wedding etiquette that is invariably reserved for the best man of the groom. Thus his presence is a wholesome one and is also symbolic such that the guests could feel the intimacies and significance of this man for the groom. 

He is in charge of the transactions  

Apart from assisting the groom, the best man is assigned lots of objective responsibilities also. Doing the transactions on behalf of groom is one among them. He has to take care of the financial dealings with the service providers throughout the wedding ceremony. The payments duty being assigned to best man explains the trustworthiness quotients of the best man. Such a role also makes him a busy person who has to balance between offering the charming company to the groom and simultaneously delivering towards the objective tasks of emergent relevance. 

As a custodian of the wedding ring and marriage license 

He is the official custodian of the wedding ring till the ceremony is held. At the time of nuptials he offers the wedding ring to the groom. Here again his importance emerges among all the guests and groomsmen. After the wedding ceremony, he takes care of the wedding certificate that is delivered to the couple. He acts as the custodian of this certificate for at least a day and then hands over the same to the couple. 

He looks after the guests during the wedding 

His duty also extends to looking after the guests during the function so that they are well catered and satisfied. 

He accompanies the groom in making the shopping and choices 

This is the pre wedding duty of the best man. He accompanies the groom to do the selections, purchases and bookings. 


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