Look Out for the Top Five Duties of a Groom at his Wedding 

Look Out for the Top Five Duties of a Groom at his Wedding

Wedding is the most significant occasion of life. The bride and groom tie the knot for life and become a couple to lead a socially inclusive life. The cultures around the world have nurtured customs and traditions to lend authenticity and wholesomeness to the wedding occasion; mainly because it is the basis of continuity and civilization here in this world. The bride and groom as also their families pay homage to these traditions though dedicated adherences. There are important duties assigned to the family members, friends and relatives. Even the bride and groom have significant duties assigned and these cannot be transferred to anyone else. So what are the duties of a groom during his wedding ceremony? Here are the top 5 duties that are assigned to the groom and require care and passion on his part. Let’s look into these. 

Selecting the wedding rings

Wedding rings are integral to the wedding ceremony and therefore these require special attention at the correct time. The groom has to select the customized ring for self and his bride. The best is when he accompanies his prospective bride to the jeweler’s shop and does the selection collectively there itself. This brings in a sense of affection and harmony in choice and matching options are chosen. 

Deciding his own attires as also his best man’s 

Groom and bride are the central icons of the wedding and they need to look as such. Their attires and jeweled icons serve as the special adorations for them. Groom is therefore required to look for his attires in advance in consultation with his best man. Deciding upon the best man is again a tricky decision for the groom to be; especially if there are number of probable options available. 

Groom should also decide the attires of the best man and the entire company of groomsmen. They make up a wholesome fervor and give fine companionship to the groom for the entire occasion. 

Writing the speech 

Groom’s speech at the wedding ceremony is very special as everyone looks at him and wants to know his feelings after the wedding. Groom must therefore prepare his speech in advance and also do some practice. The speech should offer thanks towards the families, the best man, the celebrant and the friends. The groom should say something special about his bride also. 

Rehearsal dinner 

It is groom’s duty to arrange a rehearsal dinner one or two days prior to the main wedding function. The aim to host such a rehearsal dinner is to allow the informal and cordial meeting of the family and relatives on both sides so as to allow them mingle up freely and know each other. The necessary arrangements have to be ensured by the groom. 

Planning the honeymoon 

This is the ultimate genre concept for the newlywed couple. Groom has to take the initiative to make best arrangements for the honeymoon including all the bookings of hospitality and travel. Best is when the groom consults his bride also while making the choices of the destination and other things. 


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