Look out for these handmade vintage products for your wedding 

Look out for these handmade vintage products for your wedding

Wedding is a time of heavy shopping because the requirements are spread along different dimensions. While there has to be very choosy shopping for and by the bride and groom, the guests’ arrangements and other paraphernalia also needs to be secured thoroughly. There is a fine shopping cart towards the adherences to traditions and customs also. Overall there is an entire spectrum that is diversified and bright and entails costs. Amid all this trend of increasing glam and gaudiness, the handmade items have lost their demand altogether. 

In the yester ages many handmade products were looked for to make up the wedding shopping. These things have been now replaced with the machined ones or have lost relevance altogether. But there are still many craftsmen that continue through their dedication and passion. Most of their products are offered as the vintage types and behave as the lovely souvenirs. This also explains the reason for the continued shopping of these products even in this glam savvy age when most of the handmade items have got wiped out. Let’s find out as what are these products that could be sought for one’s wedding. 

Bridal ornaments 

The bridal ornaments of modern age are a whole diversified array marked by the finest glare and gaudiness. The high glitter and expensive feel is just irrestible; however this has also become the most common attribute in all the cultures of the world; especially in wake of rising prosperities around the world. The bride can gain exclusiveness through some handmade exotic type jewelries and ornaments to supplement her aura. Wooden ornaments with metal work are the fine examples while the bride can look out for the regional choices also. 

Vintage lamps like in bamboo and colored glasses 

Vintage handmade lamps made in bamboo and colored glass offer a fine rustic appeal. While these could not be of direct relevance to the bride and groom on their big day, they could definitely decorate their wedding room with this icon. 

Glass panes art 

Artistic glass panes are still made with hand by the skilled craftsmen in different parts of the world; of course some regions specialize in them. The bride and groom could shop for these handmade vintage décor pieces to decorate their home.

Wind chimes 

These are very engrossing yet simplest musical products. Every couple should look out for a metallic or bamboo chime. 

Sandals and shoes 

Leather sandals and shoes are still made by skilled craftsmen in many parts of the world. The bride and groom can go shopping for a pair for them to wear on their big day. 

Wedding attires 

Groom can get a hand knitted tuxedo while the bride can go for a head scarf. This would add genre component to their personalities. 

The bread baskets 

Hand woven bread baskets are very common yet offer a fine rustic feel. Bride could have pair of these for her prospective home. 

Handmade cottage cheese buckets 

Handmade cottage cheeses are now easily available online. Secure buckets of some of the exotic aged cheeses from the organic farmlands and enjoy them in your honeymoon. 


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