Look Out For These Wedding Bouquets To Match Your Personality On Your Big Day 

Look Out For These Wedding Bouquets To Match Your Personality On Your Big Day

Wedding is a special occasion because it marks the blissful union of two souls as the bride and groom. This in one sense marks the basis of the society. No wonder, we have nurtured some of the best customs and traditions that are still cherished as the icons of the wedding in each culture of the world. Some customs are integral to the bride and groom and add to their beauty and charms. Wedding bouquets carried by the bride and her bridesmaids is one such custom of the western cultures and each bride is really concerned about the choice of it! 

The florists offer very customized services to meet the demands of the brides who could be very choosy as per their likes and fancies. While, as a norm, every bride is dressed up in whites, the choice of the wedding bouquet is open and most brides try to optimize the look and feel of their bouquet through the exclusive selections. The wedding bouquets are therefore being made with the finest choices like roses, lilies, orchids and many more. It is the ikebana and the beauty of the bouquet depends upon the skills and experiences of the florist. Let’s look out for the different themes that could be chosen for making the wedding bouquet for the bride.

The bright single colour bouquet 

These are among the most popular wedding bouquets for the brides. Some fine options are also available like the red roses that look very attractive and add a brilliant contrast to the white colour wedding dress of the bride. A round shaped red rose bouquet of more than average size could add the genre element. 

Another option in the single yet bright colour is that of the purples and blues through the use of the rare and exotic orchids and other flowers. These are really exclusive and add a distinction to the bride on her big day. 

The colourful splash 

Many brides prefer to add a multi-colour bash to their personality on their day of wedding. They choose a wedding bouquet that appears like a colourful vibrancy spreading like a bloom. The florists make such bouquet through the skill of finer selections of the different varieties available in the market. They could add the beauty and elegance elements through the selections of the common and rare varieties. 

The sober and elegant type 

A bride may choose to look for a sober type of wedding bouquet that matches beautifully with her personality on the day of wedding. Such a bride could go for the beautiful bunches of white lilies as also pink roses or the yellow roses. Such bouquets are mostly made in single colour and there is less of colour splash and more of the sober touch.

The rustic wedding bouquet 

These are really special because of the exclusiveness characteristics carried by them. When we talk of the rustic type wedding bouquets then almost everything could be assimilated; provided the genre element is showcased. Florists often use the rare orchids and wild aromatic grasses to fill up the base while some exotic species are placed as the icons.


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