Look Out How To Get Perfectly Matching Shoes For Yourself At Your Wedding 

Look Out How To Get Perfectly Matching Shoes For Yourself At Your Wedding

Wedding is a great occasion to live as the individual moves ahead to start a family life with a social tag. It is a new start and therefore deserves the finest and optimized celebrations. Wedding attires and all the accessories and jewelleries do form the symbols of this optimized charm. For both the bride and groom, their wedding does matter a lot and they choose it with a fanfare and liveliness. Together they also try to match all of their symbols and jewelleries with their dress. They pay special attention to their shoes as these are the most significant complements to their clothes. Many a times they feel confused about to find the perfectly matching shoes! In making the choices they are also guided by the traditional and customary norms and offers. Let’s see how the bride and groom can reach out to perfectly matching footwear for their big day.

For the groom – 

It should be stated that the overall attires of groom including his shoes are very sober type and offer more of the elegance than the glam and glitter. This is in contrast with that of the bridal attires. Still, the groom prefers to have the classical black shoes in leather and a pair of these matches perfectly well with his black velvet tuxedo or his entire formal wedding suit, whichever way he chooses. There is no concept of the colourful and soft looking shoes in materials other than the leather. There are reasons for this! A groom is required to adopt an authentic personality who is responsible and stands firm with his promise including that of the marriage that he will be making publicly. 

While there are least of the choices in the groom’s shoes, there still are minor manipulations. The leather shoes could be customized with fine detailing. He could choose to have a pair with the matt finish that looks more sober or the purely traditional shiny ones. 

For the bride – 

The real vibrancy in wedding shoes could be found in the bride’s category. It is here that a lot of innovations in materials, designing and decoration has been done and well accepted also. There is a whole range of technical textiles available that are being used to make the cosy sandals, stilettos and wedges for the bride. With such great deal of diversity, the concept of matching emerges out as a prominent one. This is contrastingly different from that of the groom’s shoes that are invariably in black! The brides on the other hand get very concerned to seek the perfect match and designers offer the assistances! So, what are the choices? Let’s look into – 
Getting the shoes made from the designer

The bride can get her shoes made from the same designer who is making her entire dress. In this manner the finest custom tailored match would be generated. The designer would be using the same fabric as that of the gown. This is pretty expensive of course!

Getting matching makeover for the shoes 

To bypass the rising costs in the above option, she could get a plain pair and then get this pair conditioned with the same fabric and materials as that of her wedding dress. 

Seeking matching decorations 

She could get the matching decoration like with the crystals, pearls and gems that are also used in her dress. 


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