Looking for top wedding photographers in Chandigarh? Vipin Bhanot Photography is right choice!  

Looking for top wedding photographers in Chandigarh? Vipin Bhanot Photography is right choice!

Wedding photography services are among the cherished bookings by the host and the couple tying the knot. The prime inspiration is to preserve the sweet and special moments for life in the form of a photo and video album that could be enjoyed as a beautiful souvenir anytime. This aspiration has never faltered ever since the first of wedding photography services
Indian Wedding Photos were offered in the social economy and the demand has only boomed multifold. The credit also goes to wedding specialist vendors of worth like Vipin Bhanot Photography who have polished their skills and services to the level of art. This vendor is counted among the top wedding photographers in Chandigarh and offers complete range of wedding services including the making of cinematic wedding video. 


Candid Wedding Photography Services


Vipin Bhanot Photography has excelled in the skills of wedding photo shoot and offers dedicated packages that are complete with the main traditional photography and other complements like the candid wedding photography and also pre wedding photoshoot! While traditional photoshoot has been a common service, the niches of candid and pre wedding photography are the new crazes that couples aspire for. 


Candid Wedding Photography

The candid in particular is the specialty service that is marked by a unique album that is no less than a precious gift for the couple. The shutterbugs move through the wedding venue and function and they anonymously capture the true smiles, expressions and real fervor of the people and place. In this manner, they produce an album of exceptional worth and value that truly determines the pomp and joy of the occasion. There are no ‘say cheese’ smiles but something that is unique to your wedding and which marks the enthusiasm. Why not add such a special souvenir to the main wedding album? Vipin Bhanot Photography offers the combined package of the traditional and candid and the price range starts from 50k onwards! 


Pre Wedding Photography Service by Vipin Bhanot Photography 


Pre Marriage Photographgy


Vipin Bhanot Photography also offers extended package that includes the much demanded service of pre wedding photoshoot! Add another feather to your wedding album and make it truly special through this concept. Pre wedding photography service is sort of custom catering that is determined by your fancies, likes and demands. The shutterbugs like Vipin Bhanot Photography are creative enough to cater as per your likes. The couple can decide for any theme or demand a combination of the best and trending ideas. Whether the groom wants to take his bride on cycle ride or they both want to immerse in a balloon pool, the shutterbug adapts his gear and services to fulfill the fancies of the couple towards making a genre album that speaks about the true love and bonding between the groom and bride to be! Vipin Bhanot Photography is among the top wedding photographers in Chandigarh because of its high quality candid and pre wedding photo shoot services for the customers!


Destination Wedding Photographer - Vipin Bhanot Photography


Destination Wedding Videographer


Vipin Bhanot Photography also travels to places while offering services as a destination wedding photographer. The vendor has offered wedding photography services in Punjab and other parts of India like Rajasthan and Kerala destinations and Mumbai and Goa for customers.


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