Lucrative Sagan ceremony decoration ideas 

Lucrative Sagan ceremony decoration ideas

Indian wedding is a celebration of love where several rituals and ceremonies are celebrated. Indian weddings are very bright and colorful combination of ceremonies and rituals. Usually wedding ceremonies last for three to four days. Color, fun, thrill and enjoyment are blended with cultural heritage of the Indian communities. An ancient scripture known as “Manusmriti” is supposed to contain the details of the traditions which must be followed in the Hindu weddings. These wedding rituals can be divided into two classifications- pre-wedding ritual, which take place before the wedding and the post-wedding rituals which take place after the wedding. 

A Brief Description of the Sagan Ceremony

Sagan or Shagun ceremony is considered to be one among the most significant ceremonies which take place before the wedding ceremony. It is usually the first ceremony to take place once the boy and the girl give their consents for the wedding. The families of the boy and girl decide upon a date on which the sagan ceremony must take place. In order to fix up the date, the help of astral calendar, also called as the “Panchanga” is taken to select an auspicious date for the sagan ceremony. 

Decoration Ideas for the Sagan Ceremony

The Sagan ceremony is usually celebrated at the bride’s home or any venue selected by the bride’s family. The mother of the groom visit’s her would be daughter- in-law and gifts her clothes, betel nut, bangles, rice and incense. Apart from these, she also brings along some sweets and jewelry for the bride. The bride accepts these gifts with respect and this implies her final consent for the marriage with the groom. The decoration of the venue must be done in a simple and elegant way. It is usually a private ceremony between the families and therefore, minimalistic decoration would fulfill the purpose. Use of light weight and glossy fabrics like organza, satin, etc. must be done while decorating the Sagan venue. Some theme can be also chosen for the sagan ceremony if it is going to be celebrated at large scale.  The same theme can be continued for all the wedding ceremonies to be followed or similar themes can be chosen.

Kalash Decoration Ideas

Kalash is a sacred pot which has a coconut covered with green mango leaves all around kept on its top. It is a major auspicious puja item used in the wedding ceremonies. It can be decorated by several traditional decorative techniques like painting the pot from outside with some ethnic designs and intricate patterns. Red vermillion can also be applied on the outer side of the pot to make designs of “Swastik” and “Om”.

Puja Thali Decoration Ideas

Puja thali is usually made of silver or brass and can be decorated by covering it with banana leaves and the traditional symbol of “Swasatik’ can be made in the center of the thali. A diya is placed at the center of the thali. The diya can be decorated by painting it or putting some ribbons on it. 


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